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Dogs Attack Two Women in California as Their Owner Appears in Court for Dog Related Violations

Los Angeles Leads Nation in Dog Attacks Against Mail Carriers

Two women have been seriously injured in a dog attack in Northern California’s Butte County. According to a KTXL news report, Gary Parsons told the station he was in his front yard when he had to run from nine loose dogs from his next-door neighbor’s property. When he slammed the door, the dogs charged another neighbor, a woman. Parsons said the dogs mauled her and almost got her main artery in the neck. The injured woman has been identified as Sarah Davi.

Severe Injuries Reported

Her husband Tony said his wife had no idea one other woman had been mauled already by the pack of dogs and was on her way to the hospital. The dogs pinned Davi down and bit her on her entire backside. When the dogs were out attacking the neighbors, their owner Peter Ricca, was in court answering to 13 infractions and misdemeanors relating to the dogs from biting incidents to lacking rabies shots and registration problems over the last three years.

The officers with Ricca raced back to his neighborhood along with him as they all learned about the dog attacks. The woman who was reportedly supposed to be watching the dogs while Ricca was at his court hearing somehow let them out and became their first victim. Both women who were mauled by the dogs required surgery.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the injured victims of this horrific dog attack. We wish them the very best for a speedy and complete recovery.

Dog Owner’s Responsibilities

There are many responsibilities that come with being a dog owner. It is the responsibility of dog owners to ensure that their pets are properly trained and restrained, whether it’s in their own home or in public places. Dogs should be spayed/neutered and registered with the local authorities. Several municipalities also have restrictions on how many pets an owner might have in the home.

Under California’s strict liability statute, dog owners may be held financially responsible for the injuries, damages and losses their pets cause. Injured victims can seek compensation for damages including medical expenses, lost income, hospitalization, cost of rehabilitation, cosmetic surgery, pain and suffering and emotional distress. An experienced California dog bite lawyer can help injured victims and their families better understand their legal rights and options.


Source: https://ktla.com/2019/03/17/california-mans-dogs-allegedly-attack-2-women-while-he-was-at-court-for-dog-related-violations/

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