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Disney Faces Employment Class Action Lawsuit

Disneyland LawsuitA former Disney employee has brought a class action lawsuit against the house of Mickey Mouse alleging various labor code violations.

According to a news report in Lawyers and Settlements, the lawsuit states the employee who filed the complaint, Reykeel Zorio, was hired by Walt Disney Worldwide Services Inc. in 2011 to work at the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim.

His employment status was transferred from Walt Disney Worldwide Services Inc. to Walt Disney Parks and Resorts US Inc., according to the complaint.

Complaint Alleges Labor Law Violations

Zorio claims that Walt Disney Worldwide Services Inc., which undertakes the finance data processing system, and Walt Disney Parks and Resorts US Inc., the entity that manages Disney parks, did not properly pay him the accrued vacation time he claims was his due when he left Disney.

The plaintiff also claims that Disney failed to immediately provide to employees who had been fired or terminated, their due wages as well as vacation time and other types of compensation as required under California labor employment law.

Under state and federal labor laws, workers who resign are compensated within 72 hours of submitting their resignation. The lawsuit states that they did not get such compensation or final wages including pay and vacation time.

The three causes of action include “damages for unpaid vacation pay, restitution of wages and disgorgement of profits due to fraudulent, unfair and illegal business practices.”

Seeking Justice and Compensation

State and federal laws require employers to properly compensate employees for time worked. In addition, they are required to pay overtime and provide meal and rest breaks for workers.

However, not all employers comply with these regulations. In fact, some employers consistently violate these laws and thereby the rights of their own workers.

When a large group of workers are facing unfair treatment at work, one of the options is to file a class action lawsuit seeking compensation for their monetary losses as well as for emotional distress.

An experienced California employment lawyer will not only help workers fight for their rights, but also ensure that corporations that break the law are held accountable.

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