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Consumers Waiting Longer for Repairs of Recalled Products Due to Pandemic

Product recall

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) reports that staffing and supply chain issues affect product recall processes. Depending on the recalled product, consumers may have to wait longer for a repair or replacement. CPSC officials told TMJ4 that there are no refund delays for the most part, but some replacements are being delayed by several months. These delays have the potential to put consumers at risk.

Supply Chain Issues and Recalled Products

For example, if the fix is a new part, companies could have problems getting that part, which means consumers would not have a safe product for a while. Kids in Danger, a child safety advocacy group, is particularly concerned about defective children’s products that cannot be repaired or replaced because of supply chain issues. Manufacturers announced recalls for the Boppy Newborn Loungers, toddler bike helmets, car seats, and kids’ ATVs in October alone.

Advocates worry that some consumers may continue to use recalled products if they can’t get through to the manufacturer, possibly due to staffing shortages nationwide. They are concerned that people may try to reach the company several times and then return to use the dangerous or defective product.

If a company issues a recall, it is still their responsibility to reach consumers any way they can to inform them about the recall, and what to do about it. Kids in Danger did a recent study that showed most companies use social media to market their products, but rarely to talk about recalls. In the end, it may be up to consumers to stay on top of recall news in today’s environment.

What Can Consumers Do?

Safety experts say that most products that are recalled because of a manufacturing defect, a design defect, or because they could potentially malfunction will not look broken. Most of these product defects are hidden. So, it might be in your best interest to set an alert so you receive recall notices and information relating to recall products. It would be best to stop using products if they have been recalled and you cannot repair or replace them immediately.

Suppose a dangerous or defective product has injured you or a loved one. In that case, you may be able to receive compensation for the injuries, damages, and losses caused by filing a product liability lawsuit. An experienced product defect lawyer can advise you regarding your legal rights and options.


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