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Consumer Watchdog Group Releases List of Dangerous Summer Toys

Report Finds Many Companies That Recall Children's Products Do Little to Alert Consumers

All-terrain vehicles or ATVs, slingshots and backyard water slides are just a few items among a list of the most dangerous toys this summer. This is according to a new report from the Boston-based consumer watchdog group World Against Toys Causing Harm or WATCH. This year, the group released its report of Top 10 summer safety traps on June 21, the first day of summer as more children get out of school and get ready to enjoy the summer season. Nearly half of all child injuries and fatalities occur during the summer. WATCH also reports that hospital emergency departments treat about 2.5 million during the summer season just for accident-related injuries.

Here is WATCH’s Top 10 dangerous toys list for summer of 2018:

  1. Water balloon slingshots: These can shoot out projectiles with significant force causing face and eye injuries. The Black Series Outdoor Slingshot Target Game warns users to be cautious at all times. The Bunch O Balloons Slingshot is marketed as being able to launch water balloons up to 150 feet. Not only could kids get hurt by the force at which the balloons are launched, but it is also a well-established fact that balloons are the number one choking hazard among young children.
  2. Lawn darts: These could lead to blunt head force injuries. Pointed lawn darts have been banned in the United States since 1988.
  3. Wheeled toys: These toys are dangerous because drivers cannot see them in driveways or near roadways. These low-riding toys such as tricycles could be hazardous when used near pools. Several children have drowned after riding one of these into a backyard swimming pool.
  4. Backyard pools: Each day 10 people die in the United States as a result of accidental drowning and young children are particularly vulnerable. Both in-ground and above-ground pools could pose dangers. The best safety measure is to always supervise children when they are in or around the water.
  5. ATVs: Children should not be allowed to operate an ATV and families should also be careful about allowing a child to ride as a passenger. ATVs are at high risk of rolling over and resulting in traumatic brain injuries and other catastrophic injuries.
  6. Toys with small parts: These can pose serious choking hazards for younger children. In 2017 alone, nearly 2 million toys with small parts were pulled from store shelves in the United States and Canada over safety concerns.
  7. Toys with shallow water: While baby pools and garden buckets may seem harmless, they could still pose a drowning risk for young children, a fact that is often overlooked.
  8. Water slides: Teens are at risk of serious neck injuries or even paralysis if they play on backyard water slides, which are intended for much younger kids.
  9. Water guns: Both water guns and other types of guns with projectiles can cause serious eye and facial injuries.
  10. Bounce houses and trampolines: Inflatable bounce houses may be a birthday party staple, but we’ve seen a number of reports of these inflatables tipping over or worse being blown away with kids in them. Trampoline injuries are also extremely common in the summer.

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