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Class Action Lawsuit Filed Over Disastrous Pokemon Go Gaming Fest

Class Action Lawsuit Filed Over Disastrous Pokemon Go Gaming Fest image courtesy of www.businessinsider.com

A class action lawsuit has been filed over a Pokemon Go Fest in Chicago, which many participants have described as a “disastrous” experience. According to a WGN-TV news report, the festival was held in Grant Park on July 22 on the one-year anniversary of the launch of the game played by millions worldwide. The festival was held by the Pokemon Go company, Niantic.

One of the gamers, Jonathan Norton, who attended was from Sacramento, Calif. The lawsuit has been filed on his behalf. Norton told WGN News that the fest was “bad” from the get go with lines that stretched three miles. He said the place was riddled with puddles and organizers had charging stations out in the water and mud. Once participants got in, things got even worse, Norton said.

Consumer Fraud Alleged

The class action lawsuit alleges that participants were unable to play the game and that Niantic failed to account for the large number of people who were attending the event. There were about 20,000 attendees many of whom also experienced technical problems with the game’s software and other software issues, making Pokemon Go unplayable. Festival organizers had promised those attending that they would be able to play the game with thousands of other players from around the world in one location with a number of special prizes, events and rewards.

The attorney representing Norton says he believes this is consumer fraud and negligence, at the very least. The lawsuit seeks reimbursement of travel expenses and lodging for festival participants. Norton reportedly spent $1,000 on his ticket from California and there were others who came from as far away as Australia, who spent thousands of dollars on airfare and hotel accommodations.

A similar class action lawsuit was filed earlier this year against organizers of the disastrous Fyre Festival in the Caribbean. That suit accused festival organizers of fraud citing adequate lack of food, water, shelter and medical care. Those who attended the festival said organizers created a dangerous and panicked situation with attendees suddenly finding themselves stranded in a remote island without basic provisions.

Justice for Participants

As California class action attorneys, we hope that consumers who paid thousands of dollars for tickets to this event get their money back and are properly compensated for the inconveniences they endured. It appears, based on this lawsuit, that they were lured to participate in this festival with false promises and deceptive advertising. Class action lawsuits offer remedies to consumers who have been defrauded and hold corporations and entities accountable for their behavior and/or unethical business practices.

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