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Category: Radio Podcast

Radio Podcast - Bisnar Chase Blog

A collection of radio podcasts that Bisnar Chase has been involved in, updating the community on legal news.

“You’re Going to Have to Take Me Out of the Courtroom in a Stretcher”

By Brian Chase on August 15, 2016 - No comments

BrianChase on Critical Mass Radio

Brian Chase, senior partner at Bisnar Chase, was recently featured on “Critical Mass,” a program on OC Talk Radio where he talked about a variety of issues from his personal principles and business philosophy to how and why he became a personal injury lawyer. Chase said his main motivation for becoming a personal injury lawyer was to make sure his life’s work mattered. He talked about how very intellectually stimulating and fulfilling his job has been over the years and continues to be.

“I’m never retiring,” Chase told host Ric Franzi, who was asking the questions. “You’re going to have to take me out of a courtroom on a stretcher.” …Read the rest »

Posted in: Radio Podcast


Auto Defect Attorney Brian Chase Radio Interview

By Brian Chase on January 28, 2013 - No comments

Auto Defect Attorney Brian Chase Radio Interview: Podcast and Transcript

The following transcript is a from a live radio interview on the Money For Lunch show in Houston Texas.  Money for Lunch Show host Bert Martinez interviews Brian Chase about auto product defects. The show was recorded live in Houston, Texas. Listen to the interview here: Brian Chase Podcast

Bert Martinez : “Hey everybody, it is time for, Money for Lunch. Where leaders come to eat. My next guest is Brian Chase. He’s a bestselling author as well as a personal injury attorney. Brian Chase is a native of Southern California, a graduate of California State University in Long Beach. Also a graduate of Pepperdine School of Law and has a 19 year career in personal law as well. Welcome, Brian Chase.” …Read the rest »

Posted in: Radio Podcast


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