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Category: Nursing Home Abuse

Judge Says Nursing Homes Can’t Make Medical Decisions For Mentally Incapable Residents

By Brian Chase on June 30, 2015 - No comments

Nursing Home AbuseAn Alameda County Judge has ruled that a California law, which allows nursing homes to make medical decisions on behalf of certain mentally incompetent residents, is unconstitutional.

According to a Kaiser Health News report, the law, which has been in effect for more than 20 years, gave nursing homes the authority to decide residents’ medical treatment if a doctor determined they did not have …Read the rest »

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California Nursing Homes Settle Over Medication Claims

By Brian Chase on May 27, 2015 - No comments

nursing homes overmedicating patientsLeaders of two nursing homes in Watsonville, California, have agreed to pay $3.8 million in settlement funds after a federal lawsuit was filed against them alleging they provided substandard care and overmedicated their patients.

According to a report in the Santa Cruz Sentinel, the settlement comes eight months after the lawsuit was initially filed alleging …Read the rest »

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Nursing Home Abuse And Neglect Blamed In 13 Deaths

By Brian Chase on April 13, 2015 - No comments

Nursing Home AbuseAbuse, neglect and lack of proper supervision at California’s state-run nursing homes for the developmentally disabled have directly caused the deaths of 13 people since 2002.

This is according to the state Department of Public Health’s records, which were released recently.

The developmental centers, which house men and women with autism, cerebral palsy and other debilitating conditions, allowed their residents to …Read the rest »

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Family Sues Fountain Valley Nursing Home For Abuse And Neglect

By Brian Chase on April 6, 2015 - No comments

Lawsuit FiledThe family of a Fountain Valley nursing home patient has filed a lawsuit against the facility alleging that the woman died from abuse and neglect.

According to a report in The Orange County Register, 73-year-old Arlayne Hoover was admitted to ManorCare Health Services in Fountain Valley in November after being diagnosed with leg cancer.

The lawsuit filed in Orange County Superior Court claims that Hoover required round-the-clock care and supervision, but the staff neglected her. …Read the rest »

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Government To Revise Nursing Home Compare Rating System

By Brian Chase on February 24, 2015 - No comments

Nursing Home RatingsThe federal government has revised how it will evaluate nursing homes in a way that makes it tougher for these care facilities to receive top scores.

According to news reports, Medicare’s Nursing Home Compare rating system is used to rate care facilities. The highest rating a nursing home can get in this rating system is five stars.

Last August, a New York Times investigation found that the star-rating system is flawed and is often …Read the rest »

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The Problem of Overmedication in California’s Nursing Homes

By Brian Chase on December 15, 2014 - No comments

nursing homes overmedicating patientsOne of the major concerns we, as California nursing home abuse lawyers have, is the excessive use of antipsychotic drugs in these care facilities. The truth is that antipsychotic medications are simply not necessary in a majority of dementia cases. These pills can be stupefying and significantly raise the risk of falls and hip fractures among the elderly. According to a recent report by KIOS-FM radio, nearly 300,000 nursing home residents are currently receiving antipsychotic drugs to suppress anxiety or aggression. Most of these recipients are either Alzheimer’s or dementia sufferers.
…Read the rest »

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Can Historic Nursing Home Bills Help Toughen Oversight?

By Brian Chase on September 16, 2014 - No comments

nursing home safetyFor the first time, 10 bills that tighten oversight of nursing homes are headed to California Governor Jerry Brown’s desk for his signature.

According to the Center for Health Reporting, this is the most sweeping package of reforms since regulations relating to nursing and assisted living facilities were first enacted in 1985.

New Laws Focus on Better Enforcement

One bill increases civil penalties from $150 to …Read the rest »

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California Nursing Homes Reduce Use of Anti Psychotic Drugs

By Brian Chase on January 30, 2014 - No comments

nursing homes reduce spychotic drug useCalifornia nursing homes have cut down significantly on the use of anti-psychotic drugs over the last two years, the Sacramento Business Journal reports. Federal health officials say care facilities have decreased the use of these drugs by 18 percent from 2011 to 2013, exceeding a national goal established by federal health officials. California now ranks in the top tier of those that have reduced the use of mind-altering drugs in nursing homes, ranking 14th nationally, the Journal reports.

Federal officials started tracking the use of anti-psychotic medications in nursing homes after growing safety concerns about dementia patients in nursing homes and assisted living facilities. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, which oversees care for the elderly and poor mandated the 15 percent cut in 2012 and required nursing homes to utilize a new training method that uses alternative treatment methods. …Read the rest »

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Patient Deaths Occur in Iowa Care Facility

By Brian Chase on August 30, 2013 - No comments

iowa patient deaths

The Golden Age Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Centerville, Iowa, is facing $15,000 in new state fines after three residents died under questionable circumstances, according to a Jan. 22 news report in The Des Moines Register. The report states this is the third time in seven months that the nursing home has been accused of failing to provide the minimum level of care for its residents.Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer Reacts to Patient Deaths in Iowa Care Facility

Health officials in Iowa have slapped a $15,000 fine on Golden Age Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Centerville that stemmed from allegations of nursing home neglect, which officials say, led to the death of a patient at that facility.

According to a Jan. 22 news report in The Des Moines Register, this is the third time in seven months that the nursing home has been accused of failing to provide the minimum level of nursing care for its residents.

The home was fined $8,000 in September when a 64-year-old woman died while in respiratory distress, the report states. Officials determined that staff members allegedly failed to provide timely interventions, the article states. Two other deaths occurred in October and November and one involved a 91-year-old woman who died of pneumonia. Her daughter told officials that she tried to get staff to notify a doctor, but got no response.

According to the report, the other alleged incident involved an 89-year-old woman who allegedly suffered two hip fractures after which she was diagnosed with a urinary tract infection, dehydration, malnourishment and a critically high level of sodium in her blood. She died a few days later, the report states. State inspectors visited the nursing home last summer and issued a lengthy report detailing dozens of instances involving nursing home neglect including failure to provide patients with showers, rehabilitation exercises, pain medications and informing doctors about resident’s health issues, the article states.

Nursing homes have a legal obligation to provide a reasonable quality of care to their patients, said John Bisnar, founder of the Bisnar Chase personal injury law firm. “Whether a nursing home is for-profit or non-profit, it should be the facility’s top priority to put patient safety and well-being first,” he said. “When a nursing home maintains substandard conditions and fails to attend to the needs of its patients, it can have disastrous consequences.”

When abuse or neglect occurs at a nursing home, it can have a significant emotional impact on the victims’ families as well, Bisnar said. “Victims and families of individuals who die in nursing homes as a result of abuse or neglect, have legal rights. Nursing homes that foster an environment of abuse and neglect should be held accountable.”

About Bisnar Chase

The California nursing home neglect lawyers of Bisnar Chase represent victims of nursing home abuse and neglect, as well as elder abuse and many other personal injuries. The firm has been featured on a number of popular media outlets including Newsweek, Fox, NBC, and ABC and is known for its passionate pursuit of results for their clients. Since 1978, Bisnar Chase has recovered millions of dollars for victims of auto accidents, auto defects and dangerously designed and/or maintained roadways.

For more information, please call 949-203-3814 or visit for a free consultation.


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Nursing Home Abuses Uncovered During Inspections

By Brian Chase on January 22, 2013 - No comments

elder abuseJanuary 22, 2013—St. Louis, Missouri—In a chilling report from the Department of Health and Human Services’ Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, more than eight nursing homes in St. Louis were found to have serious violations of safety and health issues for patients.

Experts believe that this report is not unique but is representative of the level of safety available in nursing homes across the nation.  In fact, recent data collected by the National Center on Elder Abuse suggests that one in three nursing home residents may be subject to some form of  elder abuse or neglect.

…Read the rest »

Posted in: Nursing Home Abuse


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