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Category: Distracted Driving

Police in North Carolina to Get Ghost Cars to Nab Traffic Violators

By Brian Chase on April 20, 2017 - No comments

Police in North Carolina to Get Ghost Cars to Nab Traffic Violators

On California’s freeways and roadways, we know law enforcement officials catch traffic violators using radar, helicopters and sometimes, by just hiding in an alcove. But, according to a WBTV news report, police in North Carolina are about to get what they call “ghost cars” to catch motorists who are breaking the rules of the road. …Read the rest »

Posted in: Distracted Driving


New Police Radar Guns Monitor Speed and Distracted Drivers

By Brian Chase on April 5, 2017 - No comments

New Police Radar Guns Monitor Speed and Distracted Drivers

If you’ve ever been caught speeding, you know that one way in which police officers catch speeders is with radar guns that detect excessive rates of speed. Radar guns essentially measure the frequency of the radio waves bouncing off our vehicles while laser guns measure the frequency of light. But, not many know that radar guns also serve another purpose for cops looking to bus dangerous drivers. …Read the rest »

Posted in: Distracted Driving


Traffic Accident Deaths in Los Angeles Rose in 2016

By Brian Chase on April 4, 2017 - No comments

Girl Killed, Younger Sister Critically Injured in South Los Angeles Pedestrian Accident

The number of drivers, pedestrians and bicyclists killed in Los Angeles car accidents rose sharply in 2016. According to a report by the Los Angeles Times, this increase occurred despite a concerted effort by Mayor Eric Garcetti and other city leaders to eliminate fatal traffic accidents. In 2016, the first full year in which the Vision Zero policy was in effect in Los Angeles, 260 people were killed in traffic accidents in the city of Los Angeles. And that’s a whopping 43 percent increase over the previous year.

Also, this seems to be an alarming trend that’s not going away any time soon. So far in 2017, crash fatalities are 22 percent higher than …Read the rest »

Posted in: Distracted Driving


You Can’t Use Your Mobile Phone While Driving, Period

By Brian Chase on October 17, 2016 - No comments

Alabama Man Nearly Electrocuted by Charging Cell Phone

A bill, which has been signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown, makes it clear that Californians simply cannot use a handheld mobile phone while driving. California was among the first states to pass a statewide ban on using a cell phone while driving in 2006. But the law was passed at a time when people mostly used their phones for texting and phone calls. The first iPhone had not even been released back then and social media wasn’t quite the phenomenon it is today. …Read the rest »

Posted in: Distracted Driving


Study Says Pokemon Go is Really Distracting to Drivers

By Brian Chase on October 10, 2016 - No comments

People Driving and Playing Pokemon Go Caused Billions in Damages

Playing Pokemon Go while driving is not just risky, but it’s downright dangerous and is taking distracted driving to a whole new level, according to a new study by researchers at San Diego State University. An NBC News report says researcher John Ayers and his colleagues combed through social media posts on Twitter and looked at news stories for evidence of people having accidents while driving and playing the wildly popular game during a 10-day stretch soon after its release (July 10-19).

The research team’s analysis, which was published in the American Medical Association’s JAMA Internal Medicine, stated that there were 14 unique crashes attributed to Pokemon Go, including one player who rammed his car into a tree. The game is so absorbing that people even took screenshots of themselves playing the game and driving – all while admitting they know it’s dangerous. One user tweeted that he was “being a momentary idiot” driving his car and trying to catch one of those Pokemon creatures. …Read the rest »

Posted in: Distracted Driving


Bill Awaiting Approval Could Ban All Handheld Cell Phone Use

By Brian Chase on September 8, 2016 - No comments

Takata Recalls 1.4 Million Airbag Inflators for Dangerous Defects

A bill that is awaiting Governor Jerry Brown’s approval, if passed into law, would require drivers in California to mount their smart phones on their windshields or dashboards if they want to use them while driving. According to the San Diego Union Tribune, even then, the only actions allowed would be ones that require only the motion of a single swipe or tap of the driver’s finger. …Read the rest »

Posted in: Distracted Driving


Teen Car Crashes Spike During the Summer

By Brian Chase on June 3, 2016 - No comments

Takata Recalls 1.4 Million Airbag Inflators for Dangerous Defects

Car accidents involving teen drivers tend to increase significantly during the summer resulting in more deaths than any other time of the year, according to an AAA Foundation study. The period after Memorial Day marks the 100 deadliest days for teenage drivers, the report states. Why does this happen? Experts say that with school out for the summer, more teens get behind the wheel and pose threats to themselves and others by engaging in risky driving behavior.

According to the study, car accidents involving teens aged 16 to 19 significantly increase during the summer season because more teens are getting behind the wheel boosting the number of fatal crashes by 16 percent compared to other times of the year. Just in the last five years, more than 5,000 people died in car accidents involving teens during the 100 days after Memorial Day. This is certainly a worrying statistic. …Read the rest »

Posted in: Distracted Driving


Police Pose As Panhandlers To Nab Distracted Drivers

By Brian Chase on August 5, 2015 - 1 comment

Distracted Driving Police Sting

Police in San Bernardino are taking a rather unusual approach to stop distracted drivers in the city.

According to a CBS news report, police officers posed as homeless panhandlers holding signs on the roadway.

Drivers assumed the officers were panhandlers.

But, had they read the signs instead of what was on their phones, they would have realized that they were just about to …Read the rest »

Posted in: Distracted Driving


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