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Category: Aviation Accident

Three Killed in Newport Beach Helicopter Crash

By Brian Chase on February 2, 2018 - No comments

Three Killed, Four Critically Injured in Grand Canyon Helicopter Crash

Three people were killed and two others were injured in a helicopter crash in Newport Beach Tuesday, Jan. 30, after a helicopter crashed into a home in a neighborhood not far away from John Wayne Airport. According to a news report in The Orange County Register, the Orange County Coroner identified the deceased as Joseph Anthony Tena, 60, of Newport Beach, who was the pilot, and Kimberly Lynne Watzman, 45, of Santa Monica, and Brian R. Reichelt, 56, of Hollywood, Fla., who were both passengers. …Read the rest »

Posted in: Aviation Accident


Potentially Catastrophic Aviation Accident Averted at San Francisco Airport

By Brian Chase on July 11, 2017 - No comments

An Airbus A320 that was supposed to land at San Francisco Airport’s 28R runway on July 7 headed toward a parallel taxiway for planes with loads of passengers about to take off and was diverted at the last minute averting what many say could have been the biggest disaster in aviation history. The Air Canada aircraft was headed to a taxiway as four airplanes, each carrying hundreds of passengers, were getting ready to take off.

Air traffic controllers cleared the plane for landing when the pilot of one of the planes on the taxiway called the tower frantically to let them know the airbus was headed straight toward them. The pilot thought he was landing on a runway that was empty, but he was actually heading towards Taxiway C, which had the four planes on it. He was diverted at the very last moment, averting the potential catastrophe, which could have claimed more than 1,000 lives. …Read the rest »

Posted in: Aviation Accident


Two Injured after Small Plane Crashes on 405 Freeway Near John Wayne Airport

By Brian Chase on June 30, 2017 - No comments

MLB Pitcher Roy Halladay's Fatal Plane Crash Turns Spotlight on Aircraft Manufacturer

Two people suffered injuries after a small airplane crashed on the 405 Freeway near John Wayne Airport in Orange County the morning of Friday, June 30, 2017. According to a KABC news report, the twin-engine Cessna 310 crashed at around 9:30 a.m. on the southbound side of the freeway. Video from the scene of the plane crash shows chaos on the freeway soon after impact. …Read the rest »

Posted in: Aviation Accident


Pilot’s Mobile Phone May Have Played a Part in EgyptAir 804 Crash

By Brian Chase on May 30, 2017 - No comments

French investigators are looking into whether an EgyptAir jet may have crashed into the Mediterranean Sea last May after lithium batteries on a pilot’s cell phone and tablet overheated and sparked a fire. According to news reports, investigators are troubled by where a fire broke out in the cockpit zone on board Flight 804 and the spot where the co-pilot had placed his phone and tablet on the glare-shield above the instrument panel. France is conducting judicial and civil inquiries into the disaster, which killed all 66 people on the place en route to Cairo on an overnight flight from Paris.  …Read the rest »

Posted in: Aviation Accident


Harrison Ford Flies Dangerously Close to Passenger Plane at John Wayne Airport

By Brian Chase on February 15, 2017 - No comments

Harrison Ford Flies Dangerously Close to Passenger Plane at John Wayne Airport

Famous Hollywood actor Harrison Ford had a close run-in with a passenger plane at John Wayne Airport in Irvine, California on Monday.

Ford’s close run in occurred when Ford was told to land his private plane on runway 20-L but instead mistakenly made his landing near a taxiway instead.

Harrison Ford and Aviation

Ford is best known for his roles in the infamous Star Wars and Indiana Jones franchises, however, outside of acting, Ford has a great passion for aviation.

Ford is a collector of vintage planes and made headlines in 2015 when he crashed one of these planes in a golf course in Santa Monica, California due to engine failure. To this day, Ford is still considered by many in the aviation world to be a great pilot. …Read the rest »

Posted in: Aviation Accident


Southwest Airlines Fires Captain Over Hard Landing in LaGuardia

By Brian Chase on October 4, 2013 - 1 comment

Southwest Airlines has said that it fired the captain who was at the controls of a plane that landed nose first at New York’s LaGuardia Airport in July – an airplane accident that left nine people injured. According to a Bloomberg news report, the action came as the airline completed its investigation of the incident. As part of the decision, Southwest also ordered the first officer to undergo more training. The incident occurred on July 22 when the Southwest jet’s nose gear collapsed as it attempted to land at LaGuardia Airport. …Read the rest »

Posted in: Aviation Accident


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