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Category: Attorney Recommendations

Safety Tips If You’re Using Uber or Other Rideshare Service This Holiday Season

By Brian Chase on December 1, 2017 - No comments

Uber's Driverless Cars Were Not Programmed to Stop for Jaywalkers

If you are planning to attend parties this holiday season, it is highly likely that you are going to consume a few adult beverages. Rideshare services are extremely popular and convenient to use during the holiday season when you may not have a sober, designated drive, or if you just don’t want the hassle of finding or paying for a good parking spot. …Read the rest »


Bisnar Chase Trial Attorney Utilizes Focus Groups For Success

By Brian Chase on December 15, 2015 - No comments

H. Gavin Long

Developed by personal injury lawyer Don Keenan and renowned trial consultant David Ball, Reptile is an approach to personal injury cases that is proving to be an invaluable tool in a personal injury lawyer’s arsenal.

H. Gavin Long, a personal injury attorney with Bisnar Chase who has had a tremendous track record, successfully used the Reptile approach in a recent trial, which resulted in a $3 million jury verdict for his client. Long said he learned, with this approach, to take the emphasis of the case off his client and place it on the jury.

He utilized a focus group not only to understand how jurors think and act but also to help discover the “true weaknesses” in the case. …Read the rest »


Angelo Paparelli: Immigration Law Superstar

By Brian Chase on September 10, 2013 - No comments

Angelo Paparelli is an attorney you can count on. He is the only attorney that I have ever sent people to that need immigration assistance. Mr. Paparelli is an immigration law SuperStar.

I have known Angelo Paparelli for more than 20 years. I can attest that he is not only a great talent but a man of his word. He does what he says and says what he does. He is a man that you can count on when you need an attorney that has your best interest at heart.

Angelo has been practicing immigration law for decades with an outstanding record of success. He is one of the most skilled immigration attorneys in the nation. Not only is he an immigration law author, he teaches other attorneys how to practice immigration law.

The most important character traits of what I consider to be a SuperStar attorney are:

  • Stands by his word
  • Impeccable integrity
  • Committed to the client’s goals
  • Tenacious in reaching his client’s goals

Without these traits to go along with exceptional skill, the skill is wasted.

Mr. Paparelli’s passion shines through in the way he conducts business and in the way he treats his clients- with compassion, integrity, empathy, professionalism, commitment and honesty.

Angelo Paparelli is one of the best immigration lawyers, if not the best, in this country and I would recommend him to anyone that is in need of an outstanding and trustworthy immigration lawyer.

angelo paparelli

John Bisnar


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