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California Officials Release Ad Campaign Against E-Cigarettes

electronic cigaretteThe California Department of Public Health has released video advertisements calling electronic cigarettes or e-cigarettes toxic, warning that they are being marketed to children.

According to a news report in the Sacramento Bee, e-cigarettes have emerged recently as a popular alternative to regular cigarettes.

Vaping lounges where customers can sample different flavors of liquid in vaping devices have sprung all over California.

Orange and Los Angeles counties are no exception.

Although these devices are being touted as a “safer” alternative to cigarettes, public health officials are sounding the alarm, clarifying to consumers, that e-cigarettes contain both addictive nicotine and chemicals that have been linked to cancer and birth defects.

They warn that the sweet flavors in e-cigarettes from bubble gum to cherry and cotton candy, are meant to attract young Californians.

Safety advocates worry that e-cigarettes will undo the good work that has been done in curbing tobacco use among teens and young adults.

E-Cigarette Makers Targeting Youth

The Department of Public Health’s ads state clearly that e-cigarette makers are deliberately targeting young people.

This isn’t all that different from the way the tobacco industry, for a long time, concealed and downplayed the dangers of cigarettes.

One of the ads is titles “Kids Aren’t Alright” and shows images of young people with e-cigarettes and the text, “for the next generation to be hooked by big tobacco.”

Another ad highlights the fact that these e-cigarettes could cause lung cancer and that vaping is as addictive as heroin.

The ads also inform consumers that there is a lot the e-cig industry is not telling us about vaping and its dangers.

Consumers Deserve the Truth

As product defect attorneys who fight for the rights of consumers, we at Bisnar Chase strongly believe that consumers deserve to learn the truth about e-cigarettes.

When it comes to these products, it’s still the Wild West. There is absolutely no regulation.

In most parts of the country, a child can walk into a convenience store and purchase an e-cigarette.

In Orange County and other parts of the country, we’ve seen e-cigarettes explode in people’s hands and cause serious injuries.

No one really knows precisely what’s in the liquids that are being puffed into the lungs of millions of Americans. No one regulates how these products are made.

Tobacco hurt entire generations of Americans. Now, big tobacco is finding a way to get back in the game with e-cigarettes.

Let’s not get fooled twice.

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