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X Games Snowmobiler Caleb Moore Succumbs to Concussion Injuries

Sad news today coming out of Colorado today.  X Games snowmobiler, Caleb Moore passed away after an accident during the freestyle games last week.

Caleb suffered a severe concussion and bleeding of the heart after his snowmobile landed on him. The athlete was in poor condition according to his family for which they thought he may not survive.

ESPN released a statement of the sad news, but reiterated that with extreme sports and athletes of this level, danger is going to be there.

Caleb Moore was only 25 years old.  Our thoughts and prayers are with his family as they cope with the loss.

Brain injuries have been a constant in the news lately. Just recently it was reported that Junior Seua’s suicide may have been the result of repeated blows to the head which affected his mood and personality.

Concussions are nothing new to athletes, but it begs repeating that people need to take extra care and precaution to protect their head, neck and back when involved in extreme sports. Young adults are especially at risk because the skull may be softer than it would  be at an older age.

Teens who play contact sports like football or soccer can be in serious trouble if they receive multiple blows to the head which can result in permanent damage.

(image credit: TMZ)

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