Boy Left in Coma after Near Drowning at School Party

The father of 13-year-old Alex Pierce, who nearly drowned in a Riverside County swimming pool accident, is demanding answers about how teen lifeguards and other supervisors present at a school pool party handled the situation. According to an NBC news report, Alex’s father, Rodriquez Pierce, is questioning the actions of the high school lifeguards, including why the boy wasn’t immediately given CPR, after a witness said his son had been submerged underwater for about 90 seconds.

Tragic Incident

The swimming pool accident occurred June 2 when Alex was attending an end-of-the-year school party at the Vista Murrieta High School pool. Classmates noticed his limp body floating underwater at the bottom of the pool. Witnesses told NBC4 that the teen lifeguards ignored their cries for help when Alex was spotted. Two classmates brought him up and no one performed CPR until paramedics arrived four minutes later, they said. Alex is in a coma on a ventilator. Police are investigating this incident for possible criminal negligence.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Alex Pierce, particularly his family members who are going through a nightmare no parent should have to go through. We pray that Alex wakes up from his coma and gets on the road to recovery.

A Number of Questions

Based on this news report, there are a number of unanswered questions, which we hope, police are looking into. Why did none of the lifeguards notice the boy going underwater? How many supervisors were there at the event? Why didn’t any of them notice that the boy had gone underwater? Why did the high school lifeguards refuse to help the boy even after his classmates yelled out for help?

Why did they not give him CPR? Did the lifeguards and their supervisors have the necessary credentials and certifications? We trust officials are looking into these and other issues in order to determine precisely what occurred here and how a tragedy of this magnitude could have been prevented.

Liability Issues

Officials need to complete their investigation into the facts and circumstances of this swimming pool accident. However, if it is determined that the school authorities were negligent in supervising the large group of students, they could be held liable for the child’s injuries and damages. In such cases, victims’ families would be well advised to contact an experienced Riverside personal injury lawyer who has successfully handled swimming pool accident cases. Victims need a knowledgeable swimming pool accident attorney and passionate advocate on their side who will fight for their rights and hold the at-fault parties accountable.

Image credit: NBC4

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