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BISNAR CHASE Files Two Lawsuits against Nissan over Defective Car Seats

The Newport Beach personal injury law firm of BISNAR CHASE has filed two auto products liability lawsuits against Nissan on behalf of one plaintiff who was rendered a permanent paraplegic, and family members of another victim who was killed. Both were involved in California car accidents where Nissan’s defective seatbacks collapsed and caused catastrophic and fatal injuries. The defective car seats in the Nissan vehicles in which these victims were traveling were the primary cause of the catastrophic injury and fatality.

Victim Rendered Paraplegic

The first case involves Chatsworth resident Phillip Bloom the victim of a head-on collision on Route 18 in Victorville, California, in October 2009. In this case, Bloom was a rear seat passenger in a Nissan Xterra. The lawsuit, which was filed in San Bernardino County Superior Court, states that Xterra’s rear car seat cushion latching system and restraint system “catastrophically failed” and the seat snapped from the floor bracket. The defective car seatback caused Bloom’s body to be violently tossed in the interior of the vehicle during the crash. He suffered major injuries including broken bones, abdominal injuries, and an L2 spinal fracture that led to permanent paraplegia.

Fatal Rear-End Collision

The second lawsuit involves an incident where the victim Brook David Boynton was killed in a rear-end collision. This fatal crash occurred on Route 73 near Laguna Canyon Road in Laguna Beach. The lawsuit, filed on behalf of his mother Johnella Boynton and Caitlyn Buckspan, the administrator of his estate, in Orange County Superior Court, states that the seat of Brook’s 2004 Nissan Murano broke and collapsed backward on impact. Boynton’s body submarined out from underneath the shoulder and lap belts causing him to be forcefully ejected from the vehicle. He died at the scene.

Holding Automakers Accountable

Brian Chase, lead attorney, auto defects expert, and partner at BISNAR CHASE, says both of these tragic car accidents and catastrophic injuries were caused by the defective car seats in Nissan vehicles. Chase points out that automakers and equipment manufacturers are putting profits before people and justifying cost-cutting measures at the expense of human safety.

As Chase puts it, this is an important and widespread issue “that warrants national attention.” Innocent lives have been lost. We continue to see people’s lives being turned upside down with catastrophic injuries. Phillip Bloom’s life will never be the same again. Where a few hundred dollars saved by the automaker worth this man’s ability to live his life? Were these profits worth Brook Boynton’s life? Absolutely not. Every member of the BISNAR CHASE team will fight hard for the rights of these innocent victims and their families.

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