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Balance of Nature Supplement Claims It Could Prevent or Treat Coronavirus, Treat Asthma, Prevent Colds and Flu and Treat Diabetes

Balance of Nature Supplement Claims It Could Prevent or Treat Coronavirus, Treat Asthma, Prevent Colds and Flu and Treat Diabetes

Balance of Nature, a company that makes nutritional supplements claims that its fruits and vegetables in capsule form can help prevent and treat the coronavirus by boosting the immune system, and also could prevent and treat asthma, colds, flu and diabetes.

Radio Ads and Promotions

The products have been promoted by former Trump aide turned talk radio host Sebastian Gorka and by others like Joe Piscopo and Kevin McCullough.

Balance of Nature, which is based in Utah, does not explicitly claim that its supplements prevent or treat the coronavirus. But these products are widely featured in radio ads often with testimonials from people who say they haven’t gotten sick since they began taking these supplements. Since the coronavirus has been on people’s minds for the last 11 months, it is safe to say people will then come to the understanding that those who have been taking these supplements haven’t contracted COVID-19.

In August 2019, the FDA sent Balance of Nature a warning letter over its use of unapproved drug treatment claims that included marketing statements about the supplements’ ability to treat a number of diseases from multiple sclerosis to diabetes and arthritis. In response to the warning letter, the company removed from its YouTube channel several videos containing testimonials from multiple sclerosis patients including two videos FDA officials specifically called out.

The FDA has not approved Balance of Nature under its “New Drug” policy and has requested studies and proof of the claims Balance of Nature made and makes.

There are still several problematic videos on Balance of Nature’s website including one which suggest that the “Fruits” and “Veggies” supplements prevent and in some cases cure many of the lifestyle diseases such as obesity and heart disease.

Misleading Statements

It is not just unethical to make false statements or claims to consumers, but it is also illegal. If you or a loved one bought and consumed these supplements under the false notion that it would prevent or cure the coronavirus, as well as other ailments and diseases please remember that you have legal rights. We would like to hear from you regarding your experiences If you bought and believe Balance of Nature has not been truthful and you relied on the advertised claims then we want to help you.

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