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A World Without Personal Injury Lawyers: What Would That Look Like?

By Brian Chase on February 3, 2014 - No comments

gavel in a personal injury law caseMoney-grubbing sharks. Ambulance chasers. Greedy. There is no shortage of adjectives for the way the world describes personal injury lawyers.

Our tribe is often vilified – by the media, the blogosphere and by the large corporations that want us gone from the face of the earth.

As we pondered these realities, we started to wonder: What would this world look like if personal injury lawyers never existed? What if a fairy godmother can appear out of nowhere, wave her magic wand and make personal injury lawyers disappear?

Let’s see where such a wish might take us, shall we?

No Injury Lawyers – Imagine That!

Insurance companies would have a perpetual party. Personal injury lawyers keep insurance companies in line and that’s a fact. How often do insurance companies deny claims? The answer: All the time. In fact, insurance adjusters are trained to minimize the value of your claim or eliminate your claim altogether. The less they have to pay you, the more profitable they will be. So, if we go away, your insurance nightmares could get worse because those insurance companies will have pretty much no one to fear.

Corporations would have no reason to make their products safer. In a world without personal injury lawyers, SUVs would still have narrow track width. Ladders would still not have slip-resistant rungs. Cars would still have thin roofs that can’t take an impact. Dangerous exploding vehicles like the Ford Pinto would still be on our roads.

Product manufacturers will not voluntarily police themselves. They are out to run a successful business and make a profit. The government has always been too slow to regulate these businesses. So, where does that leave consumers? Corporations have high-powered attorneys on their side watching out for their best interests every step of the way? Who is looking out for you? In a world without personal injury lawyers, no one is looking out for you – the common man and woman.

Be Careful What You Wish For

The media could make us out to be money-hungry sharks. But we are your access to the civil justice system. For car accident victims, dog bite victims, those who have been hurt by medical negligence or nursing home abuse – we are often the last resort — and only resort. Without personal injury lawyers, those who have been paralyzed as the result of defective autos would have no way of getting monetary compensation so they can continue to live their lives in peace and with the dignity they deserve.

Like any profession, ours is not without its rotten apples. But as the good guys, we are here to look out for you, stand up for you and deliver that knock-out punch on your behalf so you can get justice and fair compensation for what was taken from you – due to no fault of your own.

I guess you can say personal injury lawyers are sort of like Superheroes fighting for the common good. And whenever you need us, we are always here at your service.

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