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2009 | California Personal Injury Blog

What Is An Average Price For A California Car Accident Lawyer?

By Brian Chase on December 23, 2009 - No comments

Finding a car accident attorney in California can be a time consuming process. For accident victims it is important to seek the best attorneys without paying an exorbitant price. Knowing how much your case is worth and how much you should be paying for an attorney is important.

How Much Does A California Car Accident Lawyer Charge?

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Posted in: Car Accidents

What Is My Personal Injury Claim Worth?

By Brian Chase on December 3, 2009 - No comments

It is a good idea as a California injury victim to evaluate how much your claim is worth after a California personal injury accident. Many victims leave money on the table after their claim has been settled.

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Posted in: Personal Injury

When Should An Accident Victim Contact A Personal Injury Lawyer?

By Brian Chase on November 20, 2009 - No comments

California personal injury accidents can leave victims in a panic. Not knowing what to do or if they will need an attorney can be a stressful situation. Knowing if you need an attorney and receiving a consultation can relieve a great deal of stress.

If you have been injured in a California car crash it is possible to handle your own claim. Handling your own claim is similar to treating your own personal injury. A personal injury can vary in severity. Some injuries only require some antiseptic and a band aid. Other injuries, such as a broken leg, usually require professional help.

When Do You Need A Car Accident Lawyer

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Posted in: Personal Injury

Former Hyundai Executive Pleads Guilty to Vehicular Manslaughter

By Brian Chase on November 14, 2009 - No comments

Youn Bum Lee, 42, a former Hyundai executive who was extradited from South Korea, has pleaded guilty to one count of felony vehicular manslaughter in connection with a fatal Orange County car accident in 2005. According to a news report in The Orange County Register, Lee fled to his home country after causing a car accident on October 19, 2005, which killed 23-year-old Ryan Dallas Cook. At the time of the accident Cook, a Fountain Valley resident, had been riding his motorcycle. Lee was apparently at a Hyundai party that night. His group first drank Korean rice wine and then moved the party to a karaoke bar where Lee consumed more alcohol before getting behind the wheel of his SUV.
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Posted in: Car Accidents

Get The Settlement You Deserve For Your California Car Accident

By Brian Chase on November 6, 2009 - No comments

Victims are traumatized every day by California car crashes. Most of these accidents will be filed as a claim with the insurance companies. Few will go even further and be filed as a lawsuit. Exactly what is the difference between a lawsuit and a claim?

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Posted in: Car Accidents

What Victims Should Know Before Seeking Compensation For Their Car Accident

By Brian Chase on October 28, 2009 - 1 comment

Personal injury lawyers in California see devastating accident victims everyday. A personal injury accident can have a dramatic impact on your health, and earning potential. As a victim of a car accident myself, I know how difficult and overwhelming an accident can be.

Getting Compensation For Your Car Accident

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Posted in: Car Accidents

BISNAR | CHASE Participates in Red Cross Blood Drive

By Brian Chase on October 1, 2009 - No comments

The California personal injury lawyers at BISNAR | CHASE are big-time believers in giving back to the community. We do food drives, participate in fundraisers and support a number of charities that help a variety of people in need. Today, 13 employees of our law firm donated blood. And those of us who were unable to participate, still participated by bringing in snacks, supporting and cheering on our co-workers who donated blood. Our staff participates in blood donation twice a year. In fact, we’ve been doing so for the last three years.
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Posted in: Personal Injury

California Employment Law Requires Employees to be Paid For Overtime

By Brian Chase on September 24, 2009 - 1 comment

If you work more than the standard eight hours a day or 40 hours a week, you are entitled to overtime pay. According to California employment lawyers, most employees, even independent contractors are supposed to receive overtime pay. If you have not been getting paid for your extra hours of work, you may be entitled to additional wages.
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Posted in: Employment Law

California Employment Law Requires Employers to Provide Their Employees With Rest and Meal Periods

By Brian Chase on September 21, 2009 - No comments

Have you been forced to work through your lunch and rest periods in your place of employment without compensation? Or has your employer failed to provide you with meal and rest periods? If so, you may be entitled to additional wages. According to California employment lawyers, non-exempt employees, including independent contractors, are entitled to receive meal and rest periods.
…Read the rest »

Posted in: Employment Law

Bisnar Chase Law Firm Joins Rendezvous Surf Fest

By Brian Chase on July 28, 2009 - No comments

The Bisnar Chase personal injury lawyers would like to thank everyone who helped make this year’s Rendezvous Surf Fest a success. …Read the rest »

Posted in: Charities

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