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13 Injured in Los Angeles Bus Accident

13 Injured in Los Angeles Bus Accident

Thirteen people were hospitalized with injuries they suffered in a Los Angeles bus accident the morning of March 22. According to news reports, the collision occurred on the eastbound 10 Freeway in the Express Lanes at Soto Street in Boyle Heights. A Greyhound bus collided with a Foothill charter bus prompting a SigAlert. Officials said the chain of events began when a car left the roadway, struck a tree and tumbled into traffic lanes. As traffic began to back up, a Greyhound intercity bus that was on its way to Las Vegas, rear-ended a Foothill Transit commuter bus.

The driver of the car was reportedly trying to get onto the westbound 10 from Soto Street, but lost control and went down the embankment, which then led to the chain of events. California Highway Patrol officials said 40 people were evaluated at the scene and 13 were transported to hospitals. Many people were standing on the side of the road in the rain. The cause of the collision is not known. An investigation is ongoing. Greyhound confirmed that 38 passengers plus the driver were on its bus. The company said it is conducting its own independent investigation into the incident.

Los Angeles Crash Statistics

According to California Highway Patrol’s 2014 Statewide Integrated Traffic Records System (SWITRS), there were 236 fatalities and 25,270 injuries reported as a result of traffic accidents in the city of Los Angeles. Countywide, 606 people died and 51,988 were injured as a result of traffic accidents during the same year.

Causes and Compensation Issues

Based on this news report, it appears that the driver of the Greyhound bus rear-ended the commuter bus. It is still unclear as to what caused this bus collision. Was the driver of the Greyhound bus distracted or inattentive at the time? Was the Greyhound bus traveling at a dangerous speed given the traffic, roadway and weather conditions? It was clearly raining, the traffic was backed up and the road was slick. While Greyhound is conducting an internal investigation, possibly into their driver’s actions, we trust officials are also looking into who caused this crash and why.

In bus accident cases, injured passengers may be able to seek compensation by filing a personal injury lawsuit against the bus company or transit authority. If the driver is determined to have been at fault, his or her employer (the bus company or transit authority) can also be held accountable. Bus operators – public and private – owe their passengers the utmost duty of care. This means they are legally responsible for transporting passengers safely. Injured victims in such cases would be well advised to contact an experienced Los Angeles bus accident attorney who will help them better understand their legal rights and options.


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