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Honda's Faulty Airbags Raise Concern for Auto Defect Attorneys

The number of drivers on the road in the United States is astonishing. As American's we love our cars. We rely on them daily to be a means of safe and efficient transportation. When a car accident occurs, we are at the mercy of safety devises such as airbags, which are designed to save lives.

Honda Airbag Recall

honda airbag defect lawyersA major auto manufacturer, Honda, has caused serious safety concerns for drivers and occupants who own one of the 2.7 million vehicles that have been recalled. The Center for Auto Safety wrote that there should be a civil penalty against Honda "for failing to initiate a timely recall of defective driver airbag inflators that rupture and send shrapnel into the driver."

Under the current law a maximum fine of $17.35 million could be issued for failing to recall vehicles in a timely manner. Those who have been injured due to a defective airbag may also be entitled to compensation. To find out your rights you may need to consult with an auto defects attorney.

On Friday December 2, Honda announced a recall of 876,000 vehicles in the United State due to airbag problems. This marks the fifth recall for this issue since 2008.

In the United States alone, Honda has recalled 2.5 million vehicles over faulty airbags. Worldwide the auto manufacturer has recalled 2.7 million.

Honda's Defective Airbag Explained

Honda has promised to replace airbags in 272,779 vehicles because some airbags may inflate with too much pressure. The amount of pressure at which the defective airbags inflate could cause the inflator to rupture. This could lead to metal fragments passing through the airbag which could then cause serious personal injury or death, according to Honda.

Other Dangers Associated with Over-Aggressive Airbags

One particularly lethal auto defect is the over-aggressive airbag. When deployed this type of airbag either intrudes too far into the occupant's space, or is too aggressive for small people and children. A "one size fits all" airbag design often results in excessively forceful airbag inflation. Airbags that inflate with too much force can cause trauma to the face, head, neck, spine, and in some cases, blindness, permanent disfigurement, brain damage and even decapitation. Newer airbag systems use safer multi-force inflators. Moreover, some manufacturers have switched to airbags that inflate sequentially instead of a single high-pressure explosion. Better products liability attorneys say this design may help cut down on the number of serious injuries.

Vehicles Affected

The Honda airbag recall included vehicle models from 2001 to 2003. To find out if your car is included in the recall please see the following chart.

Make Model Year
Honda Accord 2001-02
Honda Civic 2001-03
Honda Odyssey 2001-03
Honda CR-V 2002-03
Honda Pilot 2003
Honda Acura 3.2 TL 2002-03
Honda Acura 3.2 CL vehicles 2003

Important Points to Consider If You Are the Victim of a Defective Airbag

If you have been injured due to a defective Honda airbag, there are a number of important points to consider. Not following these guidelines could wreck your case. To help you increase the likelihood that you will receive a fair settlement, please review the following.

  1. Secure your vehicle immediately.
  2. The preservation letter to whoever has control of vehicle if not the injured party is critical.
  3. The vehicle is the primary evidence. It must be kept secure, untampered with and unrepaired at least until inspected by experts for the injured parties. The vehicle needs to be kept in doors and at least well covered and protected from the elements.

When going up against a major auto manufacturer you need to choose the right lawyer for your case. Less than 1% of personal injury law firms have the expertise and resources to pursue auto defect cases. They are very expensive to pursue and the automobile companies give it everything they have to protect their name and their money.

Hiring A Skilled Auto Defect Lawyer

If you are in need of an experienced defective airbag attorney, call us today to schedule your free consultation. We will front all costs for your case and will not charge you a penny if we don't win. Our success rate and satisfied clients speak for itself. Contact us today at 949-203-3814.

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