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Anaheim Nursing Home Abuse Attorneys

While most Anaheim nursing homes are safe, clean and reputable, there are homes that fail to prevent abusive and neglectful situations.

If you are currently worried that their loved one is being neglected, mistreated or abused in a nursing home would call us now at 949-203-3814. Our Anaheim personal injury lawyers will discuss your legal rights during your free consultation.

Elder Abuse in Anaheim

Physical abuse against the elderly may involve violence or unnecessary restraints. Reputed facilities do not use wrist or ankle restraints and they are always careful when moving and helping their elderly residents. If this is not the case with the nursing home that is caring for your loved one, this should be a major warning sign and you should act accordingly. Victims affected by elder abuse may have:

  • Broken bones
  • Bruises
  • Changes in personality (Anxiety, nervousness, feeling "on-edge")
  • Cuts/lacerations
  • Bedsores
  • Infections
  • Overall Poor Hygiene

Attorney Brian Chase explains what you should do if you suspect elder abuse

Emotional Abuse of the Elderly

Emotional abuse can be as damaging, if not more, as physical abuse. Examples of emotional abuse include yelling, threatening and/or belittling the victim. This type of abuse is much more difficult to notice than physical abuse.

In some cases, victims of emotional abuse may become shy or withdrawn in the presence of the staff members who emotionally abuse them and others may experience a complete change in personality.

What You Should Do If You Suspect Theft from the Elderly

Individuals who prey on the elderly for profit should be held accountable for their actions.

It is morally wrong and also illegal for workers to steal or otherwise manipulate the elderly for financial gain.

Some of the telling signs of financial abuse includes mysterious charges in bank statements, bounced and missing checks, and changes in documentation's such as wills or stolen credit cards. Many financial abuse cases involve scams such as investment scams or identity theft scams.

Sexual Abuse Against the Elderly

It is the unfortunate truth that these incidents happen and occur more often than we would like to think.

Sexual abuse is a serious crime and must be promptly reported to law enforcement authorities. It is the responsibility of all nursing homes to properly vet their employees and to screen applicants for mental health issues and sex crime convictions.

Nursing Home Neglect and Abuse

One of the most common forms of nursing home abuse is neglect.

Facilities that are understaffed are particularly prone to neglecting their residents. Victims of neglect may be malnourished, dehydrated or lacking in personal hygiene.

Their room may be disorganized. They may have a disheveled appearance and may also be losing weight. They may be suffering from pressure sores or bedsores. Neglecting someone who needs care can result in devastating illnesses, injuries and even death.

How to Take Legal Action Against a Nursing Home

It is important to talk with your loved one about their living situation.

Many victims of abuse do not share what has happened to them out of embarrassment so it may be difficult to know if they are being abused or neglected. It may be in your best interest to visit your loved ones often and at different times of day so that the workers from every shift know that you are checking on them.

You should also get to know the workers and the residents living near your family member. If you do suspect that they are being neglected or abused, there are steps you can take to hold the at-fault worker or facility accountable.

The skilled Anaheim nursing home abuse attorneys at Bisnar Chase Personal Injury Attorneys can review the circumstances of your case and ensure that your legal rights are protected.

We work with investigators, witnesses and medical professionals to determine what kind of abuse took place and who was responsible for it. Nursing homes that put profits before the people they serve must be held accountable.

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