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Do I have a case for my train accident?

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California Train Accident Lawyers

Bisnar Chase personal injury attorneys handle catastrophic and serious injury cases. California train accident cases are one of our specialty practice areas serving the people of California since 1978.

Brian Chase, personal injury and catastrophic train accident attorney discusses train accident representation.

Urban population in the United States is increasing at unprecedented levels and with the increase in population comes the need for expanded forms of mass transit. Train travel, once considered a romantic and leisurely way to travel throughout the country, is now a necessary conveyance for millions of Americans. There are over 600 railroads and hundreds of thousands of miles of track traversing the country but unfortunately the increase in train travel has also lead to increased accidents. National statistics show that every two hours there is a train accident that involves property damage, injury and even death.

Some facts about train mishaps are as follows:

  1. Every 90 minutes there is a train collision or derailment.
  2. A train carrying hazardous material goes off the tracks approximately every 2 weeks in the United States.
  3. Railroads are essentially self-regulated and do come under the close scrutiny of the federal government.
  4. Rail companies continue to rely on technology that was developed over 70 years ago and very little effort has been made to update safety measures.
  5. Local jurisdictions often have no control over the train travel in their area resulting in delays for local emergency response to catastrophic situations in the community. This basically means that the fire trucks will have to wait while a trans continental freight train passes!
  6. More than 50% of all railroad accidents occur at unprotected crossings and, according to the Federal Railroad Administration, over 80% of railroad crossings don't have adequate warning devices.
  7. Statistics may show that although vehicle collisions have decreased in the last few years, pedestrian collisions have become an alarming problem. Rail companies have failed to educate the public, improve warning systems, and enforce regulations.

If you or someone in your family has been injured due to the negligence of a rail transportation company, you may be able to file a claim to recover your damages. When a railroad or train accident does occur, there are laws that govern whether or not the carrier is liable. There are many factors that determine if the railroad company was at fault and could have prevented the accident and resulting injuries by exercising the proper care and maintenance. Also, if the carrier is found liable, there are even more factors to consider as to what percentage of liability they will have to assume.

Train accidents can be caused in many ways such as:

  • train on train collisions
  • derailments poorly maintained tracks
  • noncompliance of safety standards
  • inadequate security and other negligence issues.

At Bisnar Chase, our team of personal injury attorneys have the experience, knowledge and skill that is required to effectively pursue all types of serious injury cases, including injuries or deaths resulting from California train accidents.

We will comprehensively investigate every aspect of your claim to assist you in recovering the highest monetary compensation for your injuries or loss. If you or a loved one has been seriously injured as the result of a train accident or MetroLink accident in California, please contact Bisnar Chase to discuss your case.

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Train Accident Lawyers

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“Recently, I had to find a personal injury attorney on a case that had special circumstances. I had a car accident that is almost due to expire and unfortunately, in the beginning, I decided no [sic] to get an attorney. And oh boy am I regretting it. I didn't have a lot of respect for lawyers before this. And because of that, I made the decision not to represent myself two years ago. Altho [sic] they were not able to help me, Mr. Bisnar was so helpful that he directed me in a manner that I didn't need an attorney at all. He was funny and charming. It was my fault for not going the standard route, but next time, I will definitely not hesitate to contact these attorneys for any of my legal needs. I was VERY impressed. I don't use those words lightly (especially about attorneys!) so this is no bull! neither was Mr. Bisnar of Bisnar and Chase.”

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“I could not recommend Bisnar & Chase highly enough! Now, I must be forthcoming and tell you that I am writing this review on behalf of my wonderful mother. You see, she's a mom, and therefor [sic] by nature is completely unable to do even the most simple of tasks on the internet. Like writing a a Yelp review. But we all love our moms don't we? Yes. We all love our moms (except Charles Manson), and would do anything to make sure they are protected and well taken care of. Upon referral from my mother's coworker, we contacted Bisnar & Chase. They had done a great job in this previous case and were located extremely close to both UCI and home, which made stopping by their office very convenient for my Mom. My Mom had been in an auto accident, nothing crazy but not a mere fender bender, and suffered what we thought to be some minor whiplash. Months later this was definitely not the case. Her client experience with the associates at Bisnar & Chase was so impressive that she raved to me about every time she heard anything from them. How thorough they were. How they listened better than I did (or something to that effect). How she liked Shannon and Mr. Bisnar and felt that they really had her best interests at heart. I honestly couldn't get her to shut up about them. But as a daughter that last part was all that I needed to hear to know that I we had found the right people and I could sleep easy at night knowing my Mom was in good hands. The Bisnar & Chase team really went above and beyond my family's expectations. And for that I am extremely grateful. If you live in the Newport Beach/Irvine/Costa Mesa/General Orange County area I would highly recommend Bisnar & Chase to both friends, and family.”

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