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When the experienced Southern California Dog Bite Attorneys of BISNAR | CHASE conducts a dog bite investigation, they send an experienced investigator to the site in as little as one hour after the incident, obtaining photographs of the dog and its owner, interviews, witness statements, and documentation of dog bite injuries. This information can be invaluable in successfully litigating your dog bite claim.

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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and others have released a shocking statistic: approximately 4.7 million victims are bitten by a dog each year. Dog bites may require more than medical attention: injuries sustained from dog bites can include death.

a German Shepard growls on leash.BISNAR | CHASE has extensive experience with dog bite litigation and can help dog bite victims seek justice under California law.

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Dog Bite Injuries Affect Not Only Children

Dog bites affect multiple groups. However, children are the most likely to face danger from dog bites, comprising an average of 20 out of 25 dog bites annually.

Children may not understand that their unpredictable, often loud behavior can alienate and frighten dogs, and their natural curiosity puts them in harm’s way. Large breed dogs are not necessarily more violent than any other breed but their size and strength alone needs to be considered.

Teasing a poodle will not result in the same type of injury as teasing a pit bull or husky. Unfortunately, homeowners often pay little attention to the serious trouble a dog bite can bring against them under Southern California premises liability claims.

While any dog can attack or bite a child or adult, it appears that some breeds are more prone to dog bites than others. These include Pit bulls, Rottweilers, German Shepherds, Huskies, and Alaskan Malamutes.

Pit bull bites have resulted in a significant amount of legislation and media attention in recent years, but BISNAR | CHASE represents a large number of Rottweiler cases.

Mail carriers are also at risk for dog bites and sustain about 3,000 dog bites per year as a group. California has the highest rate of dog bites in the country, and over $1 billion is paid out nationwide in insurance claims every year.

In California, the following must be proven in order to show liability in a dog bite claim: the defendant owns the dog; the dog bit the plaintiff; the plaintiff was not trespassing on the premises; and the bite caused injury to the plaintiff.

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