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San Diego Aviation Accident Lawyers

Bisnar Chase has been representing San Diego clients for over 30 years. We have the resources, experience and talent to take on some of the biggest cases in California. If you've lost a loved one due to negligence in an airplane crash please call our San Diego aviation accident attorneys today

Airline disasters require the representation of a committed, experienced San Diego aviation accident lawyer. Victims of this type of accident and their families may wish to hold a defendant publicly accountable and receive a fair settlement or judgment for damages. BISNAR CHASE has the experience and resources to handle aviation accident cases.

Air travel is considered one of the safest means of transportation. But commercial airline accidents still happen every year, and those accidents usually involve the death of all of the passengers and crew members. It is total devastation. Your best course of action in the event of such an accident is to contact an attorney experienced in such matters for a consultation and case evaluation.

BISNAR CHASE understands the intricacies of filing a legal claim against an airline or helicopter company for a wrongful death case. Their lawyers understand aviation law and have a demonstrated reputation for success in aircraft accident cases. Call BISNAR CHASE if you think you have a justifiable case against an aviation company.

Who is responsible for a plane crash?

Plane crashes are investigated by the National Transportation Safety Board. The NTSB leads the investigation unless there is a suspected criminal act such as terrorism. Whether the plane crash is the result of a defective product, a mechanical failure, traffic control error or pilot error, someone is responsible for the hundreds of lives lost in the accident.

A full investigation can uncover a lot of information. In some cases a whistleblower can help uncover or be a witness to a a piece of evidence such as in the case of Alaska Airline flight 261. An aviation mechanic reported a faulty jack screw and was suspended from his job. This did not stop the families of the victims from filing lawsuits.

There were 88 wrongful death lawsuits against Alaska Airlines. Several years later 87 of the 88 cases were settled.

Plane crashes are infrequent, but catastrophic when they do happen. Bisnar Chase is very experienced in successfully settling wrongful death cases and has an indepth understanding of the laws pertaining to aviation.

If you have been seriously injured, or you have a loved one that was the victim of a fatal plane crash, you should seek the advice of an experienced San Diego plane crash lawyer. Contact our offices for a Free Confidential Case Evaluation.

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