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How to Hire A Riverside Personal Injury Lawyer

If you need to hire the services of a Riverside personal injury lawyer, contact us right away for a Free case evaluation to discuss your legal options.

Riverside personal injury attorneys John Bisnar and Brian Chase are seasoned trial lawyers. They know what it takes to win big cases. They also know what pitfalls you should avoid.

Finding the right lawyer is a huge challenge. There are so many personal injury lawyers practicing in Riverside County that it's hard to know where to start.

Add that to the fact that you're probably not all that happy about having to find one in the first place and it makes sifting through all of the possibilities even more difficult.

So, how do you find a good lawyer and what do you do once you have one? This report will attempt to make the process of hiring a lawyer an easy one. We'll tell you what to keep in mind, what to avoid, what questions you should be asking and how to know when you have found the right one for you.

Things to Keep In Mind When Hiring an Attorney in Riverside

Not all lawyers handle all types of cases. If you or your loved one has been injured in an accident, you need a personal injury attorney. Personal injury attorneys specialize in cases dealing with injury or even death caused by negligence on the part of a product, company, group or individual. These attorneys are highly specialized and they know how to build your case, how to negotiate your case with the responsible parties or insurance companies, and, if necessary, how to take your case to trial and win it.

Not all personal injury attorneys are created equal. Just because someone calls himself a personal injury attorney, it doesn't mean he fits the bill. You need to talk to the person and ask a lot of questions. (See below for a list of questions to ask your attorney).

Don't get caught up with fears about money prematurely. There are a lot of people out there who have been injured because of someone else's fault but decide not to seek legal advice because they think they can't afford it. Here's something great that many of the top personal injury attorneys promise ' they won't take a dime of your money unless they win your case.

Common Pitfalls to Avoid When You Need to Hire a Riverside Personal Injury Lawyer

Choosing a personal injury attorney just because their office is close to you. Convenience would be nice, but it should never trump skill, experience, expertise, professionalism, integrity, compassion and the ability to effectively represent your case.

Picking an attorney based on the referral from a friend. Referrals can be great, but you have to make sure you're comparing apples to apples. More than likely your friend's circumstances were different than yours and that may change the landscape all together. You need to find the attorney that is best for YOUR situation.

Picking an attorney from a generic advertisement. Just because someone advertises on TV or has a huge ad in the yellow pages, it doesn't mean he's the right attorney for you. Most of the biggest and most successful firms never advertise on TV or in the yellow pages.

Now that you know what's important to keep in mind and what to avoid, now it's time to get out there and find several that you can interview. Here are three of the best and easiest ways to start building your list of options.

Ask your friends or family if they know any attorneys. Not because you want to use the one they did necessarily but because you want access to more of them. Attorneys know other attorneys so if you start with one, you'll more than likely be referred to others. Tell them what happened and that you are looking for a personal injury attorney who specializes in this type of case. Most attorneys are happy to refer you to others because they rely on referrals for their business as well.

  • Search the Web. Most attorneys and firms have a website. Do a search for your geographical area and the type of attorney you need.
  • Call your local bar association and tell them what you are looking for.

Once you have a list of a few attorneys you think match your needs, get your questions together and make some phone calls. At Bisnar Chase, we offer free consultations. That means that we'll meet with you wherever is convenient (in your home or hospital room if that is best for you) and we'll listen to your story and talk about all of the options you have. This is also the point when you are free to ask us any questions you have about your case and our firm.

Questions You Should Ask Your Potential Riverside Personal Injury Attorney

  • What are your credentials, Licenses?
  • Do you specialize in personal injury law?
  • What is your experience in handling cases like mine' How much of that experience has been in the last few years' What were the outcomes of those cases?
  • What percentage of your cases are personal injury cases?
  • How long have you been practicing personal injury law?
  • Do you have former clients that would be willing to speak with me?
  • How big is your caseload, Where would my matter fit with your priorities?
  • Will you be the primary attorney handling my case, How many other people will be working on it and what is their level of experience?
  • What are the chances that my case will go to trial?
  • Do I have a say in how my case progresses?
  • What can I expect over the next few weeks or months, How long does it take to resolve a case like this?
  • Based on your experience, what is the likelihood of a positive outcome in my case, What problems do you see?

What is the range of possible outcomes for my case?

Be aware that most personal injury attorneys concentrate their efforts in a value range. At Bisnar Chase for example, we rarely ever take a case that has a realistic value under $50,000. Our firm is geared to handle the larger cases. Some firms handle smaller cases because they don't have the resources to handle the larger ones.

Most every Riverside County personal injury law firm is going to charge a fee based upon a percentage of the money they recover for you, check to see specifically what their fee percentage is. Make sure the fee structure is spelled out clearly in the retainer agreement before you move forward. Our fee structure is graduated, meaning that the easier and quicker the case, the lower the fee and the more challenging and time consuming the case, the higher the fee. Most cases start with a fee of 25%.

How much do you think I could recover, Would costs/expenses be deducted from that?

Most attorneys will advance the costs of pursuing your claim (which could be in excess of $25,000). However, if your case is not successful, the best attorneys won't make you repay those costs. Make sure you know up front how your attorney will handle that issue.

  • What is your general estimate of how much this will cost me when it's all said and done?
  • How will we communicate about my case?
  • Will you keep me updated on my case' How often can I expect updates?
  • Will everything be kept confidential?
  • Is there anything that might get in the way of you being able to represent me?

So, you've gotten all of your questions answered. It seems as though the attorney has the experience, knowledge and track record you need. The only question that remains is how you feel about this attorney. Are you comfortable with him or her? Do you trust him or her.

Trust your instincts. If you are not comfortable or if you do not clearly trust the attorney, that's your signal to keep looking. If you feel good about the attorney and trust them you have found the attorney for you, take that next step and get started. You deserve compensation for your injuries and the sooner you get going, the sooner you can move on.

If you're looking for a firm with dedicated, experienced, compassionate and honest attorneys, Bisnar Chase may be the perfect fit for you. I encourage you to give us a call right now so that you can tell us your story. Remember our consultations are free and there's absolutely no risk to you. Pick up the phone and let us know how we can help. Our Riverside personal injury attorneys have been serving clients in Riverside County since 1978.

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