Rancho Cucamonga Car Accidents Up

As Rancho Cucamonga car accident lawyers will tell you, the San Bernardino County city's growth, fueled by the past housing boom, has given rise to an unwelcome trend: more car accidents, pedestrian accidents and bicycle accidents. Car collisions like these often result in serious injuries and fatalities for riders and walkers.

Many elementary schools in Rancho Cucamonga experience a crush of car traffic at the start and end of every school day. City streets are often packed with cars and SUVs picking up and dropping off children to and from school. The few children who walk or bicycle to school must cautiously navigate a gauntlet of motorists anxious to get home. For small children or careless teens, this can easily become a potentially lethal situation. Drivers distracted by cell phones and cars packed with kids often glide through stop signs, threatening the safety of children on foot, bicycles or skateboards. Many older schools simply aren't designed to handle the massive traffic load imposed by the swarm of vehicles around them.

"In a study labeled 'Most Dangerous California Cities for Pedestrians,' Rancho Cucamonga was rated 31st," said John Bisnar. "The study noted that in 2001, 25 pedestrians were injured and four lost their lives. Five years later, the California Highway Patrol reported that eight pedestrians were killed and 22 were injured. This unsettling rise in fatalities calls for stepped-up traffic enforcement efforts and some community awareness programs to educate both parents and children."

Rancho Cucamonga has also had its share of bicycle accidents. Cars are becoming more expensive to buy and own, and driver's licenses have far more restrictions on teens. All of which have made many teens opt for two-wheel transportation. There are also simply more adults who enjoy bicycling. In 2006, the CHP reported nine bicycle injuries involving cars in the city. Often, these car collisions involve speeding cyclists colliding with pedestrians, or motor vehicles forcing bicyclists to swerve and fall or collide with another vehicle.

Almost 60 percent of bicycle accidents are single-participant collisions caused by operator error or a collision with an obstacle or animal. While many of these accidents are preventable, up to 85 percent of serious injury bicycle accidents are caused by negligent motorists.

"One of your best and simplest protections against bicycle accident injuries is to wear a helmet," exclaimed John Bisnar. "Nearly three-fourths of serious and fatal injuries in bicycle accidents result in cranial impacts. For children riding bikes or skateboards, head protection should be mandatory."

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