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Placentia Brain Injury Attorneys

Victims of brain injuries commonly require medical attention and care that they can simply not afford. The actual financial burden of suffering a brain injury can be financially devastating even for individuals who had a solid job and great insurance. Obtaining fair compensation for past, current and future medical and rehabilitation is extremely important for brain injury victims. In cases where the injuries were caused by someone else's negligence or wrongdoing, financial compensation is often available. An experienced Placentia brain injury lawyer will be able to advise injured victims and their families about their legal rights and options in such cases.

Brain Injury Statistics

A recent news report in USA Today cited a number of different studies in an attempt to show just how many people in the United States are suffering from a brain injuries and how much brain injuries can end up costing for victims and their families. Here are the facts:

  • Approximately 50,000 brain trauma patients die each year.
  • About 230,000 are hospitalized annually for brain trauma.
  • Up to 90,000 brain injury victims each year survive with long-term disabilities.
  • At least three million people in the United States are currently living with a disability because of a traumatic brain injury.
  • Americans spend roughly $60 billion a year because of brain injuries. This number includes $50 billion for lost productivity and $10 billion for medical care.

The Cost of Treating a Brain Injury

Immediately following a brain injury, victims may require emergency room treatment and diagnosis, extensive tests, intensive care and even brain surgery. Then, patients will require hospitalization, inpatient rehabilitation followed by outpatient rehabilitation. Most insurers cover required brain surgery and intensive care, but it is common for victims to struggle with rehabilitation on their own. Valuable programs that train brain injury victims to relearn skills and abilities by providing them with physical and occupational therapy can cost between $600 and $8,000 a day depending on the injury suffered and the types of services provided.

According to a study that took information from traumatic brain injury research and treatment centers, the daily cost of acute inpatient brain trauma care is about $8,034. The daily cost of inpatient rehabilitation is about $2,227. The average total cost per patient is $162,194 for initial brain trauma care and $59,862 for inpatient rehabilitation. The inpatient rehabilitation typically only lasts two weeks. Outpatient rehabilitation, however, may last for years depending on the patient's needs. An official with the Brain Injury Association of America says that the average cost for outpatient rehabilitation ranges from $600 to $1,000 a day.

Who is Liable?

Who or what caused the brain injury will eventually determine liability in such cases. In cases involving negligence, the at-fault party can be held accountable. Potentially liable parties include:

  • Negligent motorists: Many closed trauma brain injuries in Placentia occur as a result of car accidents. In such cases, it must be determined who was responsible for the crash and if negligence was a contributing factor. For example, was the driver speeding, fatigued, distracted, drunk or otherwise careless? Motorists who strike other drivers, bicyclists or pedestrians can be held accountable for their negligence.
  • Property owners: Slip-and-fall accidents are another common cause of brain injuries. Did the victim fall because of a hazardous condition? Was the property owner aware of the dangerous conditions? Did the property owner fail to fix the problem? In such cases, the negligent owner of the dangerous property can be held liable for the victim's medical bills and other related damages through a premises liability claim.
  • Workplace injuries: Many traumatic brain injuries occur at the workplace. Construction workers, for example, are often in danger of suffering devastating injuries as a result of falling from scaffolding or rooftops. Under California law, in addition to seeking workers' compensation benefits, injured victims can also file a third party claim if a party other than the employer was at fault. Examples of third parties include general contractors, sub-contractors, property owners and manufacturers of defective products.

Getting the Compensation You Need

The experienced Placentia brain injury lawyers at our firm help victims and their families cope with the many challenges they face. We help victims obtain compensation from negligent parties – money, which they desperately need to recover and get back on their feet. The sad reality is that many brain injury victims never recover fully and never regain the physical and mental abilities they had prior to the injury. Please contact us for a free consultation and a comprehensive case evaluation.

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