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Pasadena Car Accident Lawyers

It's surprising what an experienced Pasadena injury attorney can tell you about how car accidents are handled by insurance companies and the courts. If you live Pasadena, California and find yourself the victim of a car accident, recovering just compensation for your injuries and expenses can be a painful experience -- unless you have a skilled car accident lawyer in your corner.

Troubling Trend in Pasadena Car Accidents

If you drive in Pasadena, you know that a car accident can happen whether you're on foot, riding a bike or seat-belted in your SUV. Statistics from the California Highway Patrol's Statewide Integrated Traffic Records System (SWITRS) showed that in 2006, 11 people were killed and 1,047 were injured in Pasadena car crashes. Five pedestrians died and 89 were injured in car collisions. Car accidents injured 73 bicyclists. One motorcyclist died and 41 were injured. Pasadena car accident attorneys well tell you that drunk drivers are particularly dangerous and have caused two fatalities and 70 injuries in Pasadena in 2006.

Avoid Making Recorded Statements to Insurance Adjusters

Should you suffer a car accident, it's always a good idea to spend a few minutes with a car accident lawyer before you talk to any insurance company people. The same holds true for insurance adjustors. In both instances, these people have a primary commitment to their company, not the insured. Unless your case is ironclad about who was at fault, you should never provide a recorded statement to an insurance adjustor until you have first consulted with an experienced Pasadena car crash lawyer. You may say things that, on the surface, appear innocuous at the time--things that can be taken totally out of context and used to undermine your own case. You don't ever want the insurance company to use your own words against you. Remember, there's no law that says you must give an insurance adjustor a recorded statement.

Consult and Retain, if Necessary a Skilled Car Accident Lawyer

Most people forget that insurance companies hire the most expensive lawyers possible to limit your compensation or to eliminate compensations altogether. In some cases, insurance companies have been known to blame the insured for the accident--even though the victims were clearly faultless. All the more reason to consult--and retain, if possible--an experienced Pasadena car collision lawyer. Most offer free initial consultations and spell out your options up front. And when it comes to fees, most car accident lawyers will defer them until they win your case or settlement.

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