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What is the biggest mistake people make handling their own car accident claim?

California car accident attorney John Bisnar discusses the pitfalls of trusting an insurance adjuster to handle your claim. Thinking the insurance company is on your side is a big mistake. According to John, car insurance companies give bonuses and raises to adjusters who settle the claims the quickest and for the least amount of money. The insurance adjuster is not your friend.

Following a serious car wreck, you are going to need the best legal representation available. You will need car accident lawyers in Orange County who know how to play hard-ball with insurance adjusters and have a proven record in Orange County courtrooms. We've sustained a 97.5% success rate since 1978, and has created an experience for our clients that has been imitated, but never replicated. Our passion for plaintiff justice goes beyond maximum compensation; we set you and your family on a path to physical, emotional, and financial recovery from the moment we receive your online inquiry or phone call.

Navigating Orange County Courts

Lawyers spend a lot of time in court rooms -- especially trial lawyers. Having the advantage of knowing the rules and procedures of local jurisdictions is an edge that locally planted attorneys always have. Hiring someone in another area to represent your Orange County car accident lawsuit could spell trouble. You'll want an attorney that knows the judges, defense attorneys, court personal, and culture of those particular court rooms. We do, and have for over 35 years.

Having the Support You Need

car involved in head on injury suffers serious damageVictims of serious injury auto accidents are overburdened with new responsibilities and struggle adjusting to a new lifestyle with permanent injuries.

Several obstacles stand in your way of getting your life back on track and your future secure, but we have created a winning formula which has proven to get our clients what they need, when they need it.

Our success rate, long history of highly satisfied clients, hundreds of millions of dollars recovered, and fees starting as low as 15% give you the peace of mind to concentrate on you, rather than your lawsuit.

The 11 Questions You Need to Ask After a Car Accident

  1. Do I contact my insurance company or the insurance company of the person who hit me?
  2. How do I get compensated for lost time and income from work?
  3. Who will pay my medical bills and when will they pay them?
  4. What information should I give to insurance adjusters?
  5. What should I do if the person who hit me is uninsured or the accident is a hit and run?
  6. Should I let an insurance adjuster to record what I say?
  7. What should I do if the person who hit me did not carry enough insurance for my damages?
  8. Where should I go to get my car repaired or replaced?
  9. What is my car accident case worth?
  10. Should I hire a consumer attorney or car accident attorney?
  11. What does an attorney cost and should I pay a retainer?

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Our Orange County car accident lawyers have been helping victims since 1978. Nestled in Orange County, we have the advantage of knowing local courts.
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