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beware of dogHave you been the victim of a serious dog bite in Orange County? Our law firm has over three decades in personal injury and our lawyers have won millions for our clients, including serious dog bite victims throughout Orange County California.

If you are seeking compensation for a dog bite injury be sure to consult a qualified California dog bite attorney before you talk to the at-fault party or insurance companies. We can help determine how much compensation you are entitled to including time lost on the job, medical bills, and emotional damages.

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Preserving evidence to support your CA dog bite claim

The most important aspect of prosecuting a California dog attack case is to secure evidence as quickly as possible. We have our investigator on the scene, usually within an hour of notification, in order to gather and preserve evidence. The best evidence to gather is to obtain the identity of the dog and its owner, photographs of the dog, identity of witnesses, witness statements, and photographs of the injuries and location of the attack.

How much is a California dog bite claim worth?

Orange County Dog Bite Attorney John Bisnar: John has decades of experience prosecuting dog bite cases for the no-fault party. John understands the ins and outs of the Orange County Courts and local defense teams.

California ranks top for dog bites

It may surprise you that California is ranked first in the nation in fatal dog attacks. Insurers nationwide pay out over $1 billion in claims related to animal bites annually. One-third of the money paid out through homeowners' liability claims are related to dog attacks.

At Bisnar | Chase, our Orange County Dog Bite Attorneys handle numerous California dog bite cases each year. We can use our knowledge and experience to represent you and achieve results. In our experience the most dangerous month for dog attacks is August. The days are long, it's been hot for months, the gardeners are coming and going and children are generally home from school; a dangerous combination.

What you need to show to have a solid case:

  • The defendant owned the dog
  • The dog bit the plaintiff
  • The plaintiff was lawfully on the premises where the dog bite took place
  • The dog bite caused the plaintiff injuries

Once these prerequisites are met, further action can be taken. A skilled dog bite lawyer can put all the facts of the case together to attain fair compensation for you. We've have had dog bite cases where the at-fault party (or their insurance company) offered a few thousand dollars but through our pre-litigation negotiations we were able to collect much more for our clients.

If you or a loved one has suffered from a dog bite or animal attack in Orange County, contact the accomplished Dog Bite Attorneys at Bisnar | Chase for a free consultation. We will use our experience, knowledge and resources to achieve the best possible results for you and your family.

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