Ontario Residents Run the Risk of a Variety of Personal Injuries

Ontario, California -- a city of nearly 200,000 residents -- has seen a few devastating fatal car accidents in recent years, two of which occurred in the same place two years apart.

The site of the accident that claimed the lives of five people was the 10 Freeway near Vineyard Avenue. A mother in her thirties was driving a truck of six passengers when she lost control of the vehicle. The F-150 veered off the right shoulder and hit a large eucalyptus tree before impacting a sound wall.

California Highway Patrol reported that the vehicle only seats six, so one person was not wearing a seatbelt. Although it is unclear what caused the driver to crash, five died, including two children, and two remaining children, ages 3 and 10, were the only survivors.

The crash caused a great deal of traffic and shut down the entire freeway for investigation. A resident who lives on the other side of the sound wall said accidents happen "quite often here," suggesting that this is a dangerous stretch of freeway where all drivers should be cautious of personal injury.

Yet there was a strange remaining item from the crash: amidst mangled steel, a worn tire was left on the scene. The tire was apparently manufactured by Continental Tire which recalled some sizes of its ContiTrac AW tires in 2002. The tread from the F-150's tire was torn off in the fashion that had been reported for the recalled tires with "lower than specified rubber gauge between the belt edges." It's possible that this family had fallen subject to the faulty piece of equipment.

Ontario personal injury lawyers will have you pay strict attention to recalled items so as to avoid catastrophic injury that can result from an accident. It is also important to be aware of whether you might have a product liability lawsuit against the manufacturers.

Ontario Looks to Increase Safety with New Traffic Signal and Fireworks Laws

Ontario has also recently restructured the safety of an intersection near Chaffey High, the place where two students have been injured by hit-and-run drivers in separate accidents. The first victim was a 15-year-old boy who was riding his bike across the Euclid Avenue portion of the intersection. His father had pleaded with the city council to improve the crosswalk there to lower the risk of future pedestrian accidents.

Unfortunately, the revision did not come soon enough, as a 17 year-old girl was critically injured while crossing the intersection a few months later. The girl's family has filed a $5 million claim against the school district and the city finally caved to pressure to install a standard traffic light strictly for pedestrians.

Police and firefighters have also recently cracked-down on illegal fireworks around holiday celebrations including the 4th of July and New Years. The fine has increased to $1,000 for possession, of which they passed out 104 in 2004 and 68 in 2005 amongst residents of the county.

Along with the fine, the city has planned more checkpoints to search out people transporting illegal firework from Nevada to San Bernardino County. The increase in concern surrounds is to protect residents, their children and their property from personal injury. "There's a lot more work that needs to be done," said a police detective of Fontana, a neighboring city to Ontario.

Ontario Personal Injury Lawyers Want to Help You Stay Safe

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