Oceanside Copes with Preventing Personal Injury

The Southern California city of Oceanside lies on the coast just above San Diego. The approximately 170,000 residents that live there have seen their fair share of personal injury accidents.

Unfortunately, new measures to maintain safety on Oceanside streets comes in response to deaths over the last couple of years. In one case, a young man died in a possibly racing accident right before his 18th birthday. The tragic accident took place on Lake Boulevard -- a street known for drivers taking advantage of the wide lanes by going well over the speed limit -- after a high school football game when his car crashed into several trees. He was thrown from the vehicle and died shortly after. According to reports, speed was the major factor in the accident.

Personal Injury Accidents Involve More than Just Cars

Oceanside motorcycle accident lawyers will remind you that car accidents often involve pedestrians, motorcycles and people using other means of transportation. In June of 2009, a motorcycle crash took place on Highway 76, when a driver in a Yukon ran a red light and broadsided a motorcyclist on the onramp. The passenger on the motorcycle, a 20-year-old woman, was ejected and crashed through one of the Yukon's windows. The driver of the motorcycle, a young man, landed on the road.

Apparently the driver of the SUV removed the woman from the Yukon and fled from the scene. Police responded and helped the driver and passenger of the motorcycle to the hospital where they sustained non-life threatening injuries. Officers traced the Yukon's registered owner to a home in Oceanside, and found the car had been reported stolen just after the accident.

A number of pedestrian accidents have also plagued Oceanside. One pedestrian was a 61-year-old man who was getting a ride home from his wife. He crossed Mission Avenue, jaywalking, and was hit by a Ford Taurus. Apparently the man did not see the vehicle approaching, and though the vehicle swerved, the man was hit and died in the hospital.

The city of Oceanside has also recently been found not liable for the death of a pedestrian who was hit by an intoxicated driver in 2005. The sisters of a deceased woman, who died after being hit by a driver with a blood alcohol content over .08, attempted to prove the city was at fault because the cross walk was in an "unusual location in the middle of the block". The 4th District Court of Appeals decided that though the sisters might need a pedestrian accident attorney, "the public is not liable for injuries caused by an inattentive motorist."

Oceanside Acts for Safety

In hopes of curtailing some of the many accidents occurring on the streets, the California Highway Patrol office in Oceanside received $266,000 from the state to reduce drunken driving on Highway 76. Thirteen people have died there in the last 3 years and 303 have been injured, which is why this stretch of road is now going to have more patrols, more sobriety checks, and more "aggressive DUI enforcement, public education and community outreach," according to the CHP captain.

Oceanside Personal Injury Law Firms Can Help

If you have been injured in an accident in Oceanside, you owe it to yourself to seek help from a good Oceanside personal injury lawyer.

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