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Bus Accident Lawyers Newport Beach


If you have been the victim of any type of bus accident, please contact our Newport Beach bus accident lawyers today. It is important to talk to a bus accident attorney who specializes in the particulars of this type of case.

Frequency of Bus Accidents in Newport Beach

Bus accidents do not occur with the frequency of car accidents, but they are still all too common on our crowded roads. Bus accidents may involve a pedestrian, a cyclist, or a person in an automobile, but they often result in terrible injuries no matter what the circumstances.

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, 843,308 buses were registered nationwide in 2008 and there were a total of 11,000 crashes which injured 24,000 people. These numbers are startling when you consider that only 5,000 people were killed in pedestrian crashes that year and most of them did not involve buses. This means that the incident numbers of people being hurt or killed by buses is higher than many people would suspect.

Finding the Right Attorney

Bus accident attorneys in Newport Beach work with the hundreds of victims of bus accidents, whether the accident involves a person on the bus injured during a crash, a car driver hit by a bus, or a pedestrian or bicycle rider who was injured in a bus crash. Each type of case brings its own challenges to the victim and the attorney, but expert personal injury attorneys understand the laws regarding bus crash injuries and can help you gain a fair settlement no matter what the circumstances of your accident.

Bus Accident Injuries

Your chances of being in a bus crash are relatively small, given the number of buses on the road and the safe trips they make each and every day. However, when a bus crash happens, it often has dire consequences for the victims. Some bus riders are injured by a careless bus driver when he or she crashes into another car or a light pole. There have been a few bus crashes that even resulted in multiple deaths and serious injuries. Just because a driver has a license to drive a bus does not necessarily make him or her a careful driver. Riding on a bus can and sometimes does lead to serious injuries and death.

Another common type of bus accident happens when the bus driver strikes a car, bicycle, or pedestrian. These usually involve the most serious injuries as the victims have little protection from the massive force of the bus itself. Buses are much larger than any passenger vehicle, and being hit by a bus usually causes serious damage to a vehicle and to its passengers. Pedestrians and cyclists can be injured if a bus strikes them, and these injuries can be life-threatening.

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To find out if you have a case, contact the Newport Beach bus accident lawyers today. The consultation is free and the results may be priceless. Call 949-203-3814.


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