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Uninsured Motorcyclist Awarded $2 Million In Lodi Truck Caused Accident

Most motorcycle accident attorneys will admit that a motorcycle collision can cause serious injuries to the rider. In 1996, M&R Company was harvesting a vineyard located near Lodi, California. An M&R employee instructed a hauler to park two semi-trailers close to the intersection of Turner Road and an access road leading into the vineyard. Christian P. Krough was eastbound on his motorcycle when a truck attempted a left-hand turn from the access road into the westbound lane of Turner. Krough didn't have enough time to stop and collided with the truck. The motorcycle crash caused Krough to suffer severe injuries, which rendered him a paraplegic.

Krough brought suit against various individuals, including the truck driver and M&R. Krough testified that the truck simply pulled out from the parked trailers, leaving him no time to stop, and that the placement of the trailers visually obstructed the access road for those traveling east on Turner Road and blocked his view of the truck.

"Mr. Krough suffered needlessly for a car crash that could easily have been prevented," observed John Bisnar, California motorcycle accident lawyer. "A negligent driver combined with a dangerous roadway obstruction created an "accident waiting to happen.""

According to California Highway Patrol's Statewide Integrated Traffic Reporting System (SWITRS), as recently as 2006, there were 19 fatalities and 184 injuries involving motorcycles in San Joaquin County alone.

By special verdict, the jury found that M&R was negligent in its placement of the trailers and that this negligence caused the truck accident. The jury also found no comparative fault on the part of Krough. The jury accordingly awarded Krough over $2 million in special damages. The net judgment, reduced by the amount of Krough's settlements with other defendants, was $1,453,000, plus costs. M&R did not appeal.

"Mr. Krough suffered an irreparable loss in his ability to enjoy life, yet he chose to hold those responsible fully accountable for this needless motorcycle accident," noted California motorcycle accident attorney and motorcycle enthusiast, Brian Chase. "Our hope is that this lawsuit and similar lawsuits we have filed will motivate companies and individuals to consider the safety of others while performing their jobs."

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