Motion Picture and Television Fund Skilled Nursing Units in Woodland Hills Prove Inadequate

The Motion Picture and Television Fund Skilled Nursing Units is a care facility in Woodland Hills, California. In recent months, celebrities such as Tom Cruise, George Clooney and Steven Spielberg have donated to keep The Motion Picture and Television Fund and its nursing home from closing. On March 7, 2012, Operation Guardians, a multi-agency task force, conducted a surprise inspection of The Motion Picture and Television Fund Skilled Nursing Units. They found many health concerns at the facility that require immediate attention.

"Chaotic and Disorganized"

According to the officials from the Office of the Attorney, during their March inspection, they found the atmosphere of the facility to be "chaotic and disorganized." Inspectors found the attending physician lacking in medical knowledge. Medications were being used to treat side effects from other medications. Some patients were given over 20 medications. There also appeared to be a lack of communication between the physicians, nurses and patients. In some cases, the medical professionals did not even receive legal consent before administering powerful prescription drugs.

Specific Observations made by Inspectors

The following list of concerns were in the reports filed by the Operation Guardians:

  • Residents were found with deep tissue injuries. Pressure ulcers were a common problem among the patients. One resident had a State III pressure ulcer on his left foot. The facility failed to properly diagnose or treat it. There was no plan initiated for the injury, and his medical records did not list how the injury started. Other patients clearly had pressure ulcers because of a failure on the part of workers to properly reposition the patients and a failure to provide appropriate pressure relieving mattresses.
  • There were many issues regarding the implementation of doctors' orders. For example, a patient with a history of pressure ulcers was not provided treatment for a Stage II pressure ulcer.
  • There were many rooms and pieces of equipment that were soiled and in need of cleaning.
  • Many rooms had peeling paint and wallpaper that posed a health and safety issue. One room had a hole that exposed the wall's foundation.
  • A medication refrigerator was unlocked. A licensed nurse could not even find a key to lock it, which suggests that it is commonly left unlocked.
  • The facility did not have a Pressure Ulcer Log Book for the nurses to review.
  • The medical director, who is also the attending physician "appears to lack basic knowledge concerning standards applicable to geriatric patients, nursing home residents and those receiving end-of-life care." The inspector reported that the medical director failed to explain the rationale or risk of taking medications.
  • Polypharmacy is a serious concern at this facility. Many residents were prescribed over 10 medications and some were taking over 20 different drugs. There was also a failure to determine what drugs were causing side effects. Instead, patients suffering from drug side effects were given new drugs to treat those side effects.

Unsafe Conditions

The resident of a nursing home does not have to endure elder abuse or neglect to suffer an injury. There are many ways in which a facility can fail to provide safe conditions for their residents. All California nursing homes must provide reasonably clean and safe conditions. It is also crucial that adequate medical care is provided to sick and injured residents. When facilities fail to properly care for their residents, the company responsible for the resulting injuries and suffering can be held accountable for its negligence.

The experienced California nursing home neglect attorneys at our law firm can help families protect their loves ones and hold wrongdoers accountable. If you suspect abuse or neglect has occurred, please call the authorities right away and then speak with an attorney regarding your legal options.

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