Defective Medical Device Lawyer

Defective Medical Device Lawyer

The Defective Medical Device Lawyers of Bisnar Chase believe that medical device makers have an obligation to advise patients of the potential dangers of a medical product. Whether it's a hip replacement, vaginal mesh, bladder sling or knee replacement, the medical manufacturer has to warn of potential side effects or issues.

When these types of medical devices are released with minimal research, side effects can set in; some very serious.

If you've suffered an injury from a defective medical device, contact the attorneys of Bisnar Chase to discuss your case. We've been representing California residents for over 40 years and have won over $650 Million in verdicts and settlements.

Our defective medical device attorneys have the experience and resources to take on some of the most difficult cases. If you think you may have a case from a defective hip, knee or vaginal mesh, contact our firm to learn how we may help you.

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Common Types of Defective Medical Devices

What causes product defects in medical devices are factors such as poor design or the device, drug was manufactured poorly. The FDA recalls medical devices or drugs if they do not meet the standards set in place. If the product does not meet the requirements this can cause serious injuries and even deaths.

Defective Hip Implants: In one year, there was a total of 310,800 hip replacement surgeries performed. One of the main reasons why a person would need a hip replacement is due to the depletion of the hip joint. Causes that lead to the hip joint deteriorating are conditions such as osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis or avascular necrosis. Millions of people have become successful gaining compensation from a defective hip implant suit. Over the years, hip implant companies have paid around $7.5 billion dollars in settlements.

Trans-vaginal Mesh Defects: Transvaginal mesh patients seek this type of treatment when they are experiencing pain, discomfort or leakage from the vagina. The source of this irritation stems from a prolapsed bladder. Overtime due to childbirth or age, the muscle which lifts up the urethra weakens and causes the urethra to droop downwards. The transvaginal mesh acts as a sling to lift the urethra. Unfortunately, there were not many trials performed on the material that was used for the mesh and many women started feeling pain and bleeding.

Birth Control Recalls:young girl holding birth control packets
Brands such as Glenmark was held accountable due to wrongly placed packaging. The brands packaging altered the packaged pills upside down so the consumer would be taking the "placebo pills" first instead of the tablets that were meant to be taken at the beginning of the month. The pills packaging also made it difficult to see the expiration date. Victims of this error sought millions in damages for experiencing unplanned pregnancies.

IVC Filter : The purpose of the IVC filter is to prevent blood clots in the lungs for individuals such as accident victims. The IVC filter designs resemble a "metal-cage" and are placed in the primary vein of the body (inferior vena cava) which is connected to the heart. The device was approved by the FDA(Food and Drug Administration) but later due to poor manufacturing, patients who had an IVC filter placed in them, experienced blood clots and serious damage to their organs. Many of the suits that were filed many years ago are still awaiting trial until this day.

Guidant Defibrillator / Pacemaker: Patients who suffer from serious, fatal irregular heartbeats or patients who have arrhythmia need this medical device to normalize their heart rate. A Guidant Defibrillator, often referred to as a pacemaker sends electric shocks to the heart so that the heart can beat at a well-functioning pace. The FDA recalled thousands of pacemakers as a result of defective Guidant Defibrillators that led to many deaths and numerous people needed to undergo surgery for a replacement pacemaker.

Other defective medical device cases included:

What about Defective Drugs?

Medication trials and research tend to be a pretty lengthy and thorough process. Protecting the public from potentially dangerous side effects are of the utmost importance during clinical trials and drug formulation.

Sometimes, however, side effects thought to be mild or short term, cause long term or serious health issues for patients taking the medication. Bisnar Chase Personal Injury Attorneys represent clients who have suffered short-term or even permanent disabilities and injuries due to dangerous side effects from drugs. Visit our Pharmaceutical Litigation page to see what defective drug cases we take.

How the Food and Drug Adminastration(FDA) Characterizes Drugs & Devices

Defective devices do not come with the intention to hurt others. How a defective device becomes widely sold is due to lack of research and testing. A manufacturing company of a drug or medical device can be held accountable for severe harm or a wrongful death if it did not meet the requirements set by the Food and Drug Administration. Below are the elements a drug or medical instrument would need in order to be approved by the FDA.

The FDA approves drugs to be the following:

The FDA approves medical devices to be a tool that is identified to be:

Why Should you File a Claim?

Filing a claim for a medical device or drug that had unintended harm will give you the compensation you need to recover the damages. Victims of faulty medical or medications can seek reimbursement for medical bills, psychological harm and lost wages.
filing a personal injury claim for a medical device case

We have compiled resources on all of these defects and know how to fight the big manufacturers that cause severe injuries. The defective medical device attorneys of Bisnar Chase have held a 95% success rate and have gained millions in for victims who have experienced serious harm.

If you or someone you know has suffered from serious injuries due to poorly manufactured medical instruments contact the law firm of Bisnar Chase. Upon your call, you will receive a free consultation with an injury lawyer.

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