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Los Angeles Amusement Park Lawyer

Protecting Your California Rights

Theme park accidents can be devastating and catastrophic. If you or a loved one has been injured in a theme park accident, an experienced Los Angeles amusement park accident lawyer at BISNAR CHASE can help you better understand your legal rights and options.

We will listen to your account of the incident, help you assess the value of your claim and given you an honest and comprehensive evaluation. We do not charge any fees until you have recovered compensation for your losses. For more information about pursuing your legal rights, please contact us at 323-238-4683 to speak with our Los Angeles personal injury lawyer.

Why Theme Parks Are Dangerous

Southern California is a virtual paradise for amusement park aficionados. Tourists to the area as well as many Los Angeles residents regularly make trips to great attractions such as Universal Studios, Magic Mountain, Disneyland, Hurricane Harbor and Pacific Park. Local amusement parks provide a lot of family fun and a much-needed economic boost to local communities, but they can also present a number of dangers and injury hazards to visitors.

Many Los Angeles amusement parks are closely supervised and properly maintained. However, there are a number of reasons why theme parks can be dangerous. Visitors are at risk of being injured whenever workers fail to inspect or maintain the rides. Ride operators can also negligently cause dangerous situations by failing to post clear warning signs on particularly fast or treacherous rides. For example, some rides are not safe for patrons with heart problems and blood pressure issues. It is a form of negligence to not post warning signs that deter visitors with heart issues from rides that are hazardous to their health.

It is also dangerous to have roller coasters and other rides operated by workers who are not properly trained or experienced. They may not have the skills or experience to know how to prevent an accident. It is also a recipe for disaster to cut corners by ignoring problems with the rides. Failing to inspect, maintain and repair damaged attractions is a serious form of negligence that can result in devastating injuries. Some accidents also occur due to defective or faulty parts in rides and attractions.

Los Angeles Theme Park Injuries

Amusement park incidents could range from slip-trip-and-fall accidents on broken sidewalks to high-speed roller-coaster malfunction or derailment. Everyone knows there is some degree of risk when visiting a theme park, but no one expects to suffer a serious injury when trying to have a fun day at the park with family.

Victims of amusement park accidents can suffer serious injuries such as bone fractures, sprained ligaments, strained muscles, neck injuries, brain trauma, lacerations, etc. These types of injuries can result in long-term issues that put an emotional and financial burden on the victim and his or her family. It is important that these types of injuries are treated right away and that the victims are offered adequate compensation for their injuries, damages and losses.

What to Do After an Accident

Not all accidents are as obvious as a derailment. If you are hurt at a theme park, you must make an effort to notify a manager. It is advisable to file a complaint, seek out medical attention and gather evidence. It can help to have photos of the site of the accident including the hazardous condition that led to your injuries. Before you leave for the hospital, try to get contact information for anyone who witnessed the incident and write down everything you can remember about the incident. You should also take photos of your injuries the day of the incident and continue to take photos over the following days and weeks as they heal.

Disclaimers and Liability

Even if you take all the steps necessary to protect your rights, you still may face resistance from the theme park when filing a claim. It is common for amusement parks to argue that the disclaimer they put on the back of their tickets prevents you from filing a lawsuit. Judges are well aware that visitors rarely read these disclaimers and that the wording is often confusing and vague. Do not allow any type of intimidation tactics to prevent you from pursuing your legal rights.

Understanding Your Legal Options

If you do choose to file a claim, you may need assistance from an experienced Los Angeles amusement park attorney who has handled cases similar to yours in the past. The law in this area can be confusing because it often involves a number of factors. Depending on the cause of the crash, a theme park lawsuit may involve legal issues such as premises liability, product liability and personal injury. The type of claim that a victim may file will depend upon the cause of the accident.

For example, a premises liability claim can be used to hold a property owner accountable for injuries suffered because of a hazardous condition. For instance, if you slip and fall on a wet restroom floor at the amusement park, that becomes a premises liability case. A product liability claim can be filed against the manufacturer of a defective ride or attraction. For example, if a defective bolt comes loose from a ride and causes you to fall and suffer injuries, the manufacturer of the ride or the faulty part can be held liable.