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Woodland Hills Car Accident Lawyer

A knowledgeable car accident lawyer knows that to serve a client more effectively, he or she should have a working knowledge of Woodland Hills, its traffic concerns and accident statistics. That is why we pride ourselves on being the personal injury attorney for you.

Bisnar Chase has spent over three decades helping residents of Los Angeles including Woodland Hills. We are familiar with the courts and the attorneys, and can represent you in a fair and aggressive way. Call today for your free consultation with an experienced attorney. Call 323-238-4683.

Heavy Traffic in Woodland Hills

Woodland Hills California borders the San Fernando Valley and Santa Monica Mountains. There are approx. 31 schools in the area between elementary, trade and private schools. This creates a lot of foot traffic and a concern for pedestrian injuries and car accidents.

Five Tragedies in One Day in Woodland Hills

"Astute car accident lawyers have become aware of the city's many painful car accident tragedies," noted John Bisnar. "On one sad day, for example, five people were killed in Woodland Hills car accidents. A motorcyclist was fatally injured at Mulholland Drive near Flamingo Street when a truck turned in front of him.

Soon afterward, two elderly women died when their car ran a red light and crashed into an oncoming car at Shoup Avenue and Oxnard Street. Later, a motorist was killed when his convertible flipped on Winnetka Avenue. And finally, a 14-year-old boy was struck and killed by a car while he was riding his bike on Fallbrook Avenue, across Saticoy Street."

Woodland Hills' Special Traffic Problems

The city has also had a problem with red-light runners at Topanga Canyon and Burbank, and Victory Blvd. and Mason Avenue. Accidents like these can be particularly deadly. Additional traffic problems in Woodland Hills include motorists who tend to speed on San Feliciano Drive, and on Dumetz between San Feliciano Drive and Topanga Canyon.

Many commuters use San Feliciano Drive as a bypass street instead of taking Topanga Canyon. Three hit-and-run accidents and five cars totaled are among the tragedies that have occurred just on the 4700 block of San Feliciano--all due to excessive speeding. Most of these collisions occurred at the curve at the bottom of the hill at Cerillos due to speeding.

Get Experience - Get Results

If you get into a car crash in Woodland Hills, talk to a car accident attorney who knows the city. A skilled injury lawyer will let you know if you should pursue your case and what you should do next. The most trusted accident attorneys offer free, no obligation consultations to injured victims.

Bisnar Chase attorneys are trial lawyers with a track record of winning. We've helped over 10,000 people and we may be able to help you too. Bisnar Chase has made a name for itself of trust and results. Call today for a free consultation.

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Client Reviews of Bisnar Chase

“My grandson and I were involved in a roll-over accident in which he broke his ankle, and I broke my neck. Unfortunately it was caused by a hit and run driver who got away. One call to Bisnar/Chase and they came right away. Of course, my case took about 3 years to settle, but Bisnar/Chase was there to inform me every step of the way as to what was going on. They answer calls and emails right away, and I was never left wondering what was going on. The whole staff is caring and friendly and everyone there treated us like family. Not to mention the fact that they never seemed to forget you, by sending birthday cards with BaskinRobbin gift cards and on New Years they always sent the fancy fortune cookies! I always thought that was very thoughtful and caring of them. I had nothing but a positive experience with them and I would recommend Bisnar/Chase to all of my friends and family or to anyone who is in need of legal help.”

by Kathy E.

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“Recently, I had to find a personal injury attorney on a case that had special circumstances. I had a car accident that is almost due to expire and unfortunately, in the beginning, I decided no [sic] to get an attorney. And oh boy am I regretting it. I didn't have a lot of respect for lawyers before this. And because of that, I made the decision not to represent myself two years ago. Altho [sic] they were not able to help me, Mr. Bisnar was so helpful that he directed me in a manner that I didn't need an attorney at all. He was funny and charming. It was my fault for not going the standard route, but next time, I will definitely not hesitate to contact these attorneys for any of my legal needs. I was VERY impressed. I don't use those words lightly (especially about attorneys!) so this is no bull! neither was Mr. Bisnar of Bisnar and Chase.”

by Morgana R

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“I was in an accident and it was the other persons fault. I call [sic] Bisnar Chase and they came to my door and took down all the information to get the case going. Not only did they do a fantastic job during the whole process, they got me a little more money too. ;) Thank you Bisnar Chase and Staff for your help. It truly has made a difference.”

by Thomas Arcala

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