Laguna Beach Car Accident Lawyers

Laguna Beach is a big tourist destination in Orange County, and this leads to much more car and foot traffic than there normally would be for a town with a population of 24,000. Bisnar Chase knows that Laguna Beach has its\' own special traffic problems, and that this information can be important when it comes time to seek a fair settlement in a car accident injury case. We have experience in representing car accident victims in Orange County and all over California. We\'ll fight for you! Contact us to see if you have a case!

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An Overview of Laguna Beach Accident Statistics

In our report on Orange County car accident statistics, we found that Laguna Beach has the highest rate of pedestrian accidents out of any city in Orange County, as well as the second-highest rate of motorcycle accidents, third highest rate of truck accidents, and second highest rate of DUI accidents. This makes Laguna Beach a fairly dangerous place to be in, considering it has such a high rate of accidents in such a small area.

The Unique Traffic Problems of Laguna Beach

Experienced Laguna Beach accident injury lawyers have long known that Laguna Canyon Road is one of the deadliest in the U.S. Daily commuters who have become very familiar with this road will often speed and tailgate newcomers. Unsafe passing into oncoming traffic has caused many tragic car crashes.

Another area deemed hazardous, especially for pedestrians, bicyclists and skateboarders, is Park Avenue at Third Street. Crossing this intersection can be very risky. One other dangerous are is the stretch of Pacific Coast Highway that cuts through Laguna Beach. Tourists who are not familiar with PCH\'s hectic, speeding traffic, often try to jaywalk or ignore traffic lights and end up getting struck by passing motorists.

PCH can also be especially hazardous for bicyclists. Vehicles moving at or over the speed limit typically leave little room between parked cars for bicyclists. As one cyclist complained, "If someone opens a parked car door at the wrong time, it\'s all over."

Seek the Advice of an Experienced Laguna Beach Car Accident Lawyer

If you should suffer a car accident injury in Laguna Beach, consult an expert who knows the city. A knowledgeable car crash lawyer who understands the dangers and accident statistics of Laguna Beach can tell you if your case has merit and what to do next. The best Laguna Beach car collision lawyers offer free, no obligation consultations to accident victims. The most successful work on a contingency basis (which means you only pay their fees if they win your case or settle successfully).

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