Escondido Car Accident Lawyers

Escondido car accident lawyers

Bisnar Chase Escondido Car Accident Lawyers are aware of the destruction and disarray that a collision can leave behind. Motor vehicle crashes victims can be left with a massive amount of medical expenses and rehabilitation bills. People who have experienced an accident may also miss out on wages they could have earned at work.
You should not have to carry the financial burden of an incident that was not your fault.

Our car accident attorneys in Escondido ca can offer you relief with solid legal representation. Our legal team has won vehicle wreck victims over $500 Million in compensation.

The law firm of Bisnar Chase works on a contingency fee basis as well which means that if we do not win your case you do not have to pay a single penny.

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Escondido Traffic Accidents

Statistics reported by indicated that car accidents are one of the central traffic issues in Escondido . The report revealed that within a five-year period a total of 73 people died in car accidents. The incidents over time have become more dangerous and many more lives were claimed due to car wrecks as well.

Those incidents that involved people dying in a car crash in Escondido CA:

Del Lago Boulevard & Interstate 15: An 81-year-old man was driving on Interstate 15 when he killed one driver and critically injured three other people. The elderly driver ran a traffic light and as a result, killed the other driver upon impact. 

Interstate 15 in Rancho Bernardo: California Highway Patrol received a call at 3:30 in the morning regarding a man being hit multiple times on the highway I-15. Drivers on the freeway told authorities that he was walking on the road when he was struck. The reason of why he was walking on the highway is still unknown.

Eastbound Highway 78, West of Centre City Parkway: Authorities discovered a man who was killed in a hit and run accident by an unidentified driver in a Sudan. Cameras captured the scene and watched as the driver quickly pulled away right after. This is the only identifier the police had of the culprit.

North Broadway near Paso Del Norte: Twenty-two-year-old Ambruno Emilio Domingo was drunk driving when he crashed into a tree and killed passenger Juan Andres Ramirez. The car was found crumbled into the tree and Domingo was then arrested for vehicular manslaughter.

El Norte Parkway, between Ash Street: Ana Lira of Escondido, CA lost her life at just 19-years old due to a person running a red light. Along with Lira, another victim was killed. It is unknown whether who was at fault for the accident.

Interstate- 15 Car Accidents

A long stretched roadInterstate 15 is one of the deadliest highways in California. The long-stretched road is infamous for having a substantial amount of car accidents. The California highway has had a total of 118 car accident-related deaths within a 10-year-period. Why do car crashes happen so frequently on this road that passes through Escondido ca? The main two causes that lead to deaths on Interstate 15 is drunk driving and drivers exceeding the speed limit. Most who were exceeding the speed limit drove at a speed of 80 mph or higher. 

Compensation that You Are Entitled to After Your Escondido Car Accident

An average of six million vehicle wrecks occur each year. In just one day, 90 people lose their lives on the road. Car crash injuries can range from having a broken bone to being completely paralyzed from the neck down. For families, losing a loved one to a wrongful death can be devastating. Traffic collision survivors should only have to worry about overcoming their physical challenges. For those who have lost a family member, they should only be grieving.

As a Escondido accident victim, you may be eligible for recovering damages such as:

Let Us Handle the Insurance Companies

The main motive of the insurance company is to deny someone of the compensation they need to recuperate from their injuries. If a vehicle collision victim was being treated beforehand for a neck injury and then was involved in a car accident crashed that caused their ailment to worsen, an adjuster can deny the claim due to a per-existing condition.

Along with denying your claim, an adjuster will always try to manipulate the client to believe they are getting the maximum amount of compensation for their injuries. Once you sign the contract stating that you accept the offer of the insurance company is providing you with, you cannot revoke the offer. Adjusters are usually counting on injury victims to not read the small fine print. Speak to an Escondido car accident lawyer before you sign any contract.

Your Rights as an Escondido Car Crash Victim

A photo of lady justicePersonal injury claims are classified as torts. A tort “is a civil wrong that causes a claimant to suffer loss or harm resulting in legal liability for the person who commits the tortious act. It can include the intentional infliction of emotional distress, negligence, financial losses, injuries, invasion of privacy, and many other things.” As an accident victim, you have the right to file a claim against a person who inflicted harm to you out of carelessness.

Before filing a claim for a vehicle collision there are a few factors that need to be considered.

The Reason Why You Need An Attorney for a Car Accident

You may think that an offer that an insurance company provides you may be enough to cover your accident damages. Often, crash victims are left to pay out-of-pocket for expenses though. The Escondido Car Accident Lawyers of Bisnar Chase are here to tackle on huge insurance companies for you. We have over four decades of experience holding wrongdoers accountable and winning the compensation vehicle wreck victims need to heal from an incident.

Our mission is "To provide superior client representation in a compassionate and professional manner while making our world a safer place." We also believe that if we do not win your case you do not have to pay for our services.

When you call our California personal injury lawyers you will immediately receive a free case analysis from one of our top-notch legal specialists.

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