Negotiating Tips from a Lakewood Car Accident Lawyer

Today's most skilled Lakewood auto accident attorneys say there are definite tactics to follow when negotiating a car collision injury settlement. Among these is making smart concessions. Before exploring this negotiating tactic, a review of how many accidents average annually in Lakewood, California may help.

Lakewood Car Accidents Cause Many Tragedies

The California Highway Patrol's Statewide Integrated Traffic Records System (SWITRS) revealed that in 2006, two people died and 263 people were injured in Lakewood car accidents. Alcohol-impaired car crashes accounted for one fatality and 18 injuries. A total of 26 pedestrians and 15 bicyclists were injured. In addition, one motorcyclist was killed and 11 suffered injuries.

Small Concessions Are Better When Negotiating

"A savvy Lakewood injury lawyer knows that making small concessions when negotiating a settlement will achieve better results than demanding big concessions," says John Bisnar. "Make too big a concession and the insurance adjuster will think that there's still plenty of 'wiggle room' to negotiate." While big concessions may appear generous, they can easily work against you.

Making small concessions lets you "creep up" to a settlement that may exceed your initial expectations--without eating up your reserves. Remember, every time you make even a small concession, you're showing both trustworthiness and flexibility. Each concession allows you to ask for a quid pro quo concession in return. You can also ask for increasingly smaller concessions to create the impression that you're getting closer to a final settlement sum.

Bide Your Time

Some of the smartest Lakewood car collision lawyers say patience can be crucial when negotiating for a settlement. They advise not to pressure the insurance adjuster for fast settlement--adjusters sense weakness in your position and back off. Another thing you should not do is accept or counter an offer when it's first presented. Instead, inform the adjuster you'll need a day or so to think it over. In stalling for time, you can use two basic tactics: "Tell the adjuster you want to consult a lawyer before you accept his offer," advises John Bisnar. "Or say that you want to give your injuries time to heal before getting back to him. California law states you have two years to settle a personal injury claim. So time is on your side."

Need More Negotiating Tactics? Consult a Car Accident Lawyer

The most successful Lakewood car crash lawyers have a reservoir of negotiating skills they draw from to secure the most fair compensation for their clients. The best car collision lawyers offer no charge, no pressure consultations. If you've been injured in a car accident, seek the advice of a car accident lawyer. He or she can save you time and money.

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