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While there are not as many organizations taking count of bicyclists and pedestrians as there are of motor vehicles, there are still some interesting trends that emerge from surveys conducted about bicycle use in our nation.  Of course, bicycles are different from motor vehicles in several respects.  First of all, many people bike for leisure but do not bike to work or school, while these same people use their cars for both purposes, so a linear comparison of the two methods of transportation is not feasible.  Bicycles also allow for much shorter trips than motorized vehicles, so of necessity bicyclists tend to stay close to home unless they transport their bikes to a remote location in some other way.  Finally, bicyclists have the option, in some areas, of using specialized bike paths closed to motor vehicle traffic; in these areas, bicycle accident rates tend to be very low.

Nevertheless, compiling available data on bicycle use helps us to understand how and why bicycle accidents happen and hopefully prevent future suffering of bicycle riders.  Laguna Niguel bicycle accident lawyers work with victims of bicycle accidents and also work with those who want to spread the word about bicycle safety.

In 2002, a large survey entitled “National Survey of Pedestrian and Bicyclist Attitudes and Behaviors” was sponsored by the United States Department of Transportation.  In this survey, the government looked at several factors affect bicycle usage in the United States.  According to the survey, there were at least 57 million people, or 23 percent of the population 16 or older, who biked at least once during the year, often in the summer.  One quarter of these riders rode for recreational or leisure purposes, while another quarter rode for health and exercise.  That means that 50 percent of the people riding bicycles at any given time are doing so as a form of recreation rather than transportation.  Only five percent of the people surveyed rode for transportation to or from work or school.

Over half of all cyclists road on paved roads, while 13 percent used bike trails.  This percentage is actually much higher when adjusted for the limited miles of bike paths available as opposed to paved roads.  It seems that bicyclists would prefer to use bike paths when they are available.  This in encouraging news to the supporters of bike trail programs, who rightfully claim that the bike paths tend to cut down on bicycle accidents on our crowded streets and highways. 

Most bicycle rides consist of a mile or less close to home.  This means that the 52,000 people injured and the 618 people killed in 2010 were primarily riding very close to home when the accidents occurred.

Bicycle accident attorneys in Laguna Niguel use these and other statistics to help them evaluate bicycle accident cases.  With the help of a bicycle accident attorney, you can collect damages for your injuries and recover payments for all your expenses connected to the accident.  Talk to a bicycle accident attorney in Laguna Niguel about your injuries today.

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