An Inglewood Car Accident Lawyer Can Help You After An Accident

After they've suffered a car accident, most people are emotionally vulnerable and confused. All the more reason to at least consult an experienced Inglewood auto accident attorney before you rush headlong into filling out detailed insurance forms, signing release papers and offering recorded statements to insurance claims adjusters.

High Car Accident Statistics in Inglewood

Statistics show that car accidents in Inglewood, California occur with alarming frequency. In 2006, the California Highway Patrol's Statewide Integrated Traffic Records System (SWITRS) reported six deaths and 563 injuries due to city car crashes. Two pedestrians died and 65 were injured in car collisions. Car accidents injured 15 bicyclists. Two motorcyclists were killed and 22 were injured. DUIs resulted in two fatalities and 32 injuries. In 2007, six car collisions ended in six fatalities.

Be Wary of Insurance Company Information Release Forms

Car accidents can be traumatizing enough without being further victimized by insurance companies. Which is why the best Inglewood accident injury lawyers will warn car accident victims to consult them before signing any forms given them by insurance companies. Among the most onerous are information release forms, which grant insurance companies permission to dig up virtually every file from your past. Even documents that have nothing to do with your accident--like all medical records, school and employment records, your personnel files, and virtually every piece of information about you that has ever been documented. Insurance companies have dug up STD records, abortions, and other sensitive, private information. Savvy Inglewood car crash lawyers believe that insurance companies use this information as leverage to make you accept a reduced settlement.

Be Very Careful When Making Recorded Statements

Another thing insurance companies like to have is your recorded statement. Car accident lawyers know that all too often what you say can be twisted and taken out of context later to undermine your case. Having a car accident lawyer with you during these recording sessions and interrogations protects you from being harassed, asked premature, prejudicial or irrelevant questions, or coaxed into saying something that can be used against you later in court.

The more you know about how insurance companies operate, the more you'll see why consulting--and retaining, if necessary--a qualified Inglewood car collision lawyer can be so important. Initial consultations are usually free, and if you retain a car accident lawyer, fees are paid on a contingency basis.

Be forewarned by reading "The Seven Fatal Mistakes That Can Wreck Your Personal Injury Claim" by California personal injury attorney John Bisnar.

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