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Interstate Route 101 Freeway Accident Attorneys

Interstate Route 101, known as U.S. Highway 101, is a north-south highway that extends approximately 1,540 miles from the 10 West in Los Angeles all the way up the West Coast through Oregon and Washington. Route 101 is an important and congested freeway that is particularly busy in Los Angeles and between Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Interstate Route 101 begins at the East Los Angeles Interchange. The East Los Angeles Interchange Complex is where the I-5 meets U.S. 101, I-10 and California 60. With over 430,000 vehicles passing through this junction everyday, it is the world's busiest freeway interchange. The East Los Angeles Interchange Complex is a busy, congested and confusing interchange where it is common for crashes to occur. This busy part of the 101 can quickly turn into a dangerous crash site that backs up traffic for miles in many directions.

A Heavily Traveled Roadway

U.S. Route 101 is known as El Camino Real (The Royal Road) in southern and central California. It is an important roadway in California that links the north to the south similarly to the Pacific Coast Highway and the I-5. It is a heavily traveled commuter route serving the northwest portion of the Los Angeles Area. The 101 Freeway connects Los Angeles and Ventura counties with San Francisco and beyond.

Many parts of Route 101 are notorious for fatal accidents. BuyingAdvice.com ranked the 101 from downtown Los Angeles to the 405 interchange as the second most dangerous highway in the United States. Route 101 south of San Clemente was known as Slaughter Alley as was the same highway in Cloverdale and near San Jose.

What Makes the 101 Freeway Dangerous?

There are a number of reasons why U.S. 101 is so dangerous. A few contributing factors in Interstate Route 101 Freeway accidents include:

  • Congestion: Many parts of the 101 run in and around major cities such as Los Angeles and San Francisco. It is common for traffic to slow considerably around these busy areas. It only takes one driver to make a dangerous lane change for the flow of traffic to come to a halt.
  • Hills and curves: One of the reasons why the I-5 was constructed was to have a north-south freeway that was more modern and effective. The 101 Freeway is an old freeway that goes in and around mountains. Many parts of the 101 Freeway are windy and hilly resulting in potentially treacherous conditions for motorists. Drivers who are not exercising the utmost level of care while traveling can easily drift from their lane of traffic or fail to notice where traffic has suddenly slowed.
  • Poor conditions: Since Interstate Route 101 is so old, it is not always in the best condition. The 101 is prone to dangerous conditions such as large potholes and uneven surfaces. It is the responsibility of the governing body in charge of the roadway to keep the road in good condition for the motorists.
  • Negligent driving: It is common for drivers to behave carelessly and recklessly on the freeway. Speeding drivers are often traveling too fast to adjust to changes in the flow of traffic. Drivers who are tailgating can cause a serious rear-end collision if traffic suddenly slows. Drivers who are distracted can easily drift from their lane of traffic or fail to notice curves in the roadway. Intoxicated drivers are more prone to causing a devastating freeway accident as well.

Victims of freeway accidents would be well advised to speak with an experienced Interstate Route 101 Freeway accident lawyer. Financial compensation may be available for their losses once it is determined who was responsible for the crash. Negligent drivers, the governing body in charge of the freeway and the manufacturers of defective auto parts can be held accountable for their negligence depending on what caused the crash.

Route 101 Accident Lawyers

A skilled Interstate Route 101 freeway accident attorneys at our car accident law firm have a long and successful track record of helping injured car accident victims obtain fair and full compensation for their injuries, damages and losses. If you or a loved one has been injured in a Highway 101 car accident, please contact us for a free consultation and comprehensive case evaluation.

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