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Interstate 40 Freeway Accident Attorneys

Interstate 40 is a major east-west artery that starts its California run from the Mojave Desert.  Often called the “Needles Freeway,” the entire length of I-40 in California lies in San Bernardino County.  I-40 intersects with I-15 near Barstow and the Marine base located there.  Most of the length of I-40 is desert and sparsely inhabited. Nevertheless, there are still accidents that claim victims of both fatalities and injuries on I-40.  When these accidents occur, Interstate 40 Freeway accident lawyers are ready to help these victims recover damages.

No one really wants to pursue a personal injury case, given the fact that these lawsuits can be exhausting and drawn-out; however, pursuing damages on your own will be much harder without the help of a professional accident attorney.  An attorney has the experience and knowledge to help you get the maximum amount possible from your case, and an attorney who specializes in car collisions has very specialized knowledge that allows you to get a much better settlement or judgment than you would alone.

Attorneys all attend law school and all have the same basic legal knowledge.  They are required to pass classes in contract law, real estate law, personal injury law, and criminal law.  However, not every attorney makes the decision to pursue all these areas of the law in practice.  Attorneys, like doctors, are drawn to areas of the law that interest them, and some attorneys are interested in helping victims collect damages from people who have hurt them.

This is one reason why it is wise to talk to a lawyer who specializes in personal injury when you are involved in a car collision.  It is certainly better to use a general practice lawyer than to handle a lawsuit yourself, but if you really want the best settlement, you should rely on attorneys who handle these types of cases for a living and have expert knowledge not only about the law but also about the negotiation process that is so often crucial to getting a good settlement for your injuries and damages.

Interstate 40 Freeway accident attorneys have this specialized knowledge and understand not only the process of pursuing a personal injury case but also the particular type of cases often seen on California highways.  By immersing themselves in the culture and people of this area, they develop a sensitivity to the issues that may surround any personal injury case and the obstacles that may arise.

Talk to a professional car collision attorney today about your case.  You are entitled by law to compensation for your injuries, including medical payments, pain and suffering, and other related costs.  However, the chances of you collecting the full amount of your claim are low unless you avail yourself of the help offered by expert car crash lawyers and allow them to guide you in the process of recovering your money.  No matter how big or small your case, it is likely that you will receive more with the help of a professional attorney than without.

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“Were very helpful, even if you don't hire them. Sent them some questions by email of my case and were very fast on getting back to me with sound advice. Didn't end up needing to get a lawyer, and it was very comendable on their part to be honest with their advice.”

by Denisse S.

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“I could not recommend Bisnar & Chase highly enough! Now, I must be forthcoming and tell you that I am writing this review on behalf of my wonderful mother. You see, she's a mom, and therefor [sic] by nature is completely unable to do even the most simple of tasks on the internet. Like writing a a Yelp review. But we all love our moms don't we? Yes. We all love our moms (except Charles Manson), and would do anything to make sure they are protected and well taken care of. Upon referral from my mother's coworker, we contacted Bisnar & Chase. They had done a great job in this previous case and were located extremely close to both UCI and home, which made stopping by their office very convenient for my Mom. My Mom had been in an auto accident, nothing crazy but not a mere fender bender, and suffered what we thought to be some minor whiplash. Months later this was definitely not the case. Her client experience with the associates at Bisnar & Chase was so impressive that she raved to me about every time she heard anything from them. How thorough they were. How they listened better than I did (or something to that effect). How she liked Shannon and Mr. Bisnar and felt that they really had her best interests at heart. I honestly couldn't get her to shut up about them. But as a daughter that last part was all that I needed to hear to know that I we had found the right people and I could sleep easy at night knowing my Mom was in good hands. The Bisnar & Chase team really went above and beyond my family's expectations. And for that I am extremely grateful. If you live in the Newport Beach/Irvine/Costa Mesa/General Orange County area I would highly recommend Bisnar & Chase to both friends, and family.”

by Chelsea C.

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“While my wrongful death case is still being decided I really love how this firm cares for the people they represent I feel so much better after talking with Doug on a monthly basis he reassures me things will be okay. Looking for to ending this real soon but I am very thankful to Bisnar and Chase for all they do!”

by Karla Hawley

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  • “I was in a serious auto accident when I was in law school. I had to hire a personal injury attorney and had a really bad experience.”

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  • “If you hire Bisnar | Chase and we don't recover money for you in your case, you owe us absolutely nothing.”

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