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Do I have a case for funeral home abuse?

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Funeral Home Lawsuit

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Funeral homes are in the business of caring about people and their needs at some of the worst times of their lives. When they fail to care and go out of the way to wrong family members, they should be held accountable. The funeral home abuse lawyers at Bisnar Chase have helped victims of cemetery and funeral home negligence obtain justice and fair compensation for their losses in a funeral home lawsuit. If you or a loved one has been the victim of funeral home negligence, please contact us at 949-203-3814 for a free consultation and comprehensive case evaluation.

Funeral home negligence is a rarely talked about and is often underreported in California. Families approach funeral homes, obviously, to ensure that their loved one is sent to his or her final resting place with honor and dignity. It is all too common for families to suffer additional grief at the hands of irresponsible and negligent funeral homes and cemeteries. Often times, funeral homes and cemeteries shortchange consumers to enhance their profits. Taking advantage of grieving families is unacceptable. Families that have been manipulated or exploited during their most difficult time deserve justice. Sometimes there is no other option for justice than to file a funeral home lawsuit.

What is Funeral Home Negligence?

The loss of a loved one is a traumatic experience in life. Grieving families go through a challenging time and their focus may be pulled in many directions. Funeral home negligence is when a funeral home or its workers take advantage of a grieving family that is in a vulnerable position. When a funeral home mishandles a person's remains, fails to provide the services for which the families paid them or makes a mistake as a result of negligence, it can be categorized as funeral home abuse or negligence. Under these conditions a family member may decide to file a funeral home lawsuit to obtain compensation and justice for a negligent act.

Families seek out supportive funeral homes, funeral parlors or mortuaries to handle their funeral and burial arrangements. They expect the facility they choose to help them organize the wake, run the service, make cemetery or cremation arrangements and publish an obituary. Families who have just lost a loved one rely on the facility they choose to help guide them through what is often an emotionally draining process. Facilities that misuse that trust and dependence should be held accountable for their wrongdoing.

What Constitutes Funeral Home Negligence

Examples of California funeral home negligence and abuse include:

  • Improperly embalming a body
  • Failing to properly store a body
  • Cremating the wrong body
  • Losing cremated remains
  • Harvesting the organs of an individual for resale
  • Stealing personal property such as jewelry, gold fillings and heirlooms
  • Burying the wrong body
  • Burying a body in the wrong plot
  • Placing more than one body in the same coffin
  • Dropping a body while transporting it
  • Misappropriating money
  • Overcharging for procedures
  • Abuse of a corpse
  • Coffins dug up and resold
  • Grave sites being vandalized because of a lack of security

The Emotional Impact

To fully understand the emotional impact that funeral home negligence can have on a family, try to imagine being in a similar situation. You have just lost a loved one. Perhaps you are struggling to envision how you will get by financially and emotionally because of your loss. You choose a California funeral home to help you handle the wake, service and burial. Then, you discover that personal belongings were stolen, the body was mistreated or that you were significantly overcharged. Many victims of funeral home negligence will remember how they were wronged and taken advantage of whenever they reflect on the passing of their loved one. This is gut-wrenching and tragic.

Compensation for Affected Families

If you believe that you have been mistreated or that the funeral home has made egregious errors, it may be in your best interest to discuss your case with an experienced California funeral home negligence attorney. Your funeral home lawsuit may result in financial compensation for your losses. More importantly, your lawsuit may also expose a negligent business and prevent similar injustice from happening to other grieving families. Funeral home negligence cases are not primarily about money. They are about righting a wrong and exposing injustice that has been done to unsuspecting consumers.

If personal items were taken from a body, it may be possible to pursue financial compensation for those items. It is also possible to pursue support for the pain, suffering and emotional distress that was inflicted on the victims. It is difficult to put a monetary value on a mother, father, son or daughter's emotional distress, but a skilled California funeral home negligence attorney will make sure that fair compensation is offered and that the at-fault parties are held accountable.

It is also possible for victims to pursue punitive damages for wrongful conduct. This is when a funeral home is penalized for their actions to deter other businesses from resorting to such fraudulent or unethical conduct. Individuals who hold negligent facilities liable for wrongdoing are helping protect future grieving families from a similar fate. Sometimes the negligence is so great that the only solution may be to file a funeral home lawsuit.

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