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Fountain Valley Bus Accident Attorneys

In Fountain Valley it is easy to assume that you are safe when riding a bus. Unfortunately, bus passengers commonly suffer serious injuries. There are no airbags. There are rarely even seatbelts. Occupants can be thrown from their seat or suffer blunt force trauma injuries as a result of getting tossed inside the bus after a violent crash. Bus companies have a legal obligation to safely transport their passengers. If you were injured in a bus crash as the result of negligence, call 949-203-3814 today.

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Bus Accident Injuries

There are a number of ways in which a person can suffer an injury while riding a bus. Depending on the speed of the bus and the circumstances of the accident, there is the potential for serious injuries to occur.

  • Bumps, bruises and contusions: During a collision, the bus passenger may be suddenly forced into a chair, railing or other hard object. Victims who are bleeding, bruised or suffering from other types of aches and pains after being involved in a bus crash should seek out prompt medical attention.
  • Lacerations: Shattered glass, metal and plastic can result in devastating laceration injuries. Small lacerations may require stitches. Large laceration injuries can result in significant blood loss. Victims of these types of injuries will need immediate medical attention. In some cases, victims of serious lacerations may require surgery.
  • Bone fractures: Blunt force trauma can result in devastating bone fractures. Victims can break their arms if they reach out to brace themselves. They may also break their legs, wrists, hands, feet, hips, rips or neck. Victims of multiple bone fractures may require surgery and prolonged hospitalization and rehabilitation. Some victims of multiple bone fractures will never fully regain their strength and mobility.
  • Traumatic brain injuries: It is common for bus passengers to strike their head on the chair in front of them or another hard object. Victims who are suffering from a headache or who have lost consciousness should seek immediate medical attention. They may have suffered a concussion or an even more serious brain injury. Symptoms such as headaches, blurred vision, confusion and irritability can worsen if not properly treated.
  • Neck Injuries: A sudden and violent jerking of the head can result in whiplash injuries. Having a sore neck may seem like a minor injury, but whiplash injuries can become debilitating and very painful. If not properly treated, symptoms may even get worse.
  • Spinal Cord Injuries: It is possible for victims who are thrown around inside the bus to suffer devastating back injuries including spinal cord trauma. In such cases, the victim may never recover feeling or physical ability below the site of the trauma.

Compensation for Injured Bus Crash Victims

It is the legal responsibility of bus companies to provide the utmost duty of care to injured passengers. This means making every effort to avoid causing harm as well as providing swift care if an injury does occur.

Bus companies that fail to take care of their passengers can face civil litigation. There is, however, a short statute of limitations for victims to file a claim. Therefore, anyone who has suffered losses in an Orange County bus accident would be well advised to speak with a skilled personal injury attorney right away.

The experienced bus accident lawyers at Bisnar Chase have the skill and resources it takes to fight bus companies and help injured victims and their families obtain the compensation they rightfully deserve. If you or a loved one has been injured in a Fountain Valley bus accident, please contact us today.

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