Family Files Wrongful Death Lawsuit in Bicycle Accident Case

The family of 41-year old Alexander Motsenigos, who was struck and killed by a big rig making a left turn at an intersection, has filed a wrongful death lawsuit (Case number: 13-00150) against the truck driver and his employer after a grand jury refused to indict the driver. According to a Feb. 4 CBS news report, the truck driver left the scene and was contacted by police two days later, but told them that he was not aware of the collision.

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The widow of 41-year-old Alexander Motsenigos has filed a wrongful death lawsuit (Case number: 13-00150) in connection with her husband's bicycle accident death in August.

According to a Feb. 4 CBS news report, the fatal collision occurred Aug. 24 when Motsenigos's bicycle was struck by a big rig that was making a left turn on Weston Road in Wellesley. The truck driver did not stop at the scene and was contacted two days later by police, but told them he was not aware of the collision, the report states. Police have not filed charges and a grand jury also refused to indict him, the CBS report states.

Motsenigos was fatally injured in the bike accident and the truck driver left the scene, according to the lawsuit. The lawsuit (Case number: 13-00150) alleges negligence on the part of the truck driver, Dana McCoomb and his employer C.J. Mabardy Inc. The lawsuit alleges that McCoomb had a clear view of the intersection where he turned left and of Motsenigos. Court documents state that McCoomb attempted to pass Motsenigos despite being familiar with the narrow intersection where it would be dangerous to do so.

The wrongful death lawsuit (Case number: 13-00150), which was filed in Norfolk County Superior Court, Mass., also alleges that McCoomb had numerous violations on his record. Court documents state that McCoomb's license was suspended on the day of the accident for seven surcharge events in 60 days. Also, on the day before the accident, he was assessed a surcharge for an accident that occurred in Brockton on a prior date, the suit states. The complaint also states that McCoomb's driving record from 1982 through the date of the accident "demonstrates a long string of driving violations and accidents with numerous license suspensions." The lawsuit alleges his employer, the trucking company, was negligent in hiring McCoomb despite his many violations.

This wrongful death case shows that the civil courts are often the last recourse for families that are seeking justice for the loss of their loved ones, said John Bisnar, founder of the Bisnar | Chase personal injury law firm. "It is important to remember that in any personal injury case, criminal charges are not necessary for the plaintiffs to file an injury claim or a wrongful death lawsuit. The civil justice system works independently and every case is looked at with a fresh set of eyes."

The burden of proof in civil cases in on the plaintiff as opposed to the government in criminal cases, Bisnar says. "The goal of personal injury or wrongful death claims is to make sure that the wrongdoer is held accountable. They offer the hope of justice for victims and families even when the criminal justice system doesn't work in their favor."

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