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California Wrongful Termination Attorney

As an employee in California, you have rights to more than just a paycheck. Many employers are firing their employees without adhering to the laws set in place to protect employees from unlawful and wrongful termination. At Bisnar Chase we have one of the best wrongful termination attorneys in California. We we will evaluate your circumstance and investigate every possible avenue for compensation for work related injury.

If your employers have treated you unfairly, we will uncover the facts and pursue legal action. California employees are working harder than ever to keep their jobs and help make a living for their families. If you believe that your employer may have violated your rights in any way, contact one of our expert wrongful termination lawyers today to take advantage of our free professional case evaluation. Call 800-561-4887

California Wrongful Termination Lawyers Who Know What it takes to Win

Today's working environment is more stressful than ever; jobs are few and far between and many people who have very advanced skills are working in entry level positions just to try and get by. Some employers feel that since there are a number of people who are willing to give 110% at very low wages they are going to treat them with little to no respect. This in turn is very stressful for the employee when times are tough.

If you want the best attorney for your wrongful termination case, you're on the right page. Our wrongful termination lawyers in California will uncover every incident in which your employer has acted outside of the law set forth by the state of California and will make sure that they regret every moment of it. The following are forms of employment law that our attorneys can help you with.

  • Wrongful Termination
    Your employer must have a good reason for letting you go. We will expose their lack of due process.
  • Whistleblower
    If your employer fired you because you alerted them of problems within the company, you have rights.
  • Retaliation
    Section 12940(h) An employer cannot discharge, expel, or otherwise discriminate against any person because the person has opposed any practices forbidden under this part or because the person has filed a complaint, testified, or assisted in any proceeding.
  • Overtime
    Forced to work overtime hours without overtime pay? We may be able to obtain reimbursement for your under-paid hours.
  • Wage & Hour
    If you are concerned that you were not paid the correct wages for your work, we will investigate and uncover any illegal business practices.
  • Misclassification
    Do you supervise other employees, but do not receive a supervisor's wage? Your employer may owe you a lot of money.

What You Can Recover from a Wrongful Termination Lawsuit

Although you may have endured a lot of stress and grief as a result of your employer's treatment, you are probably not able to recover monetary compensation for any emotional distress the situation might have caused you. There is an exception: the Fair Employment and Housing Act. This is termination based on unlawful discrimination or retaliation. However, employees can recover lost wages and the value of their lost benefits. In addition, future wages and benefits that you would have experienced with your employer are avenues of compensation that are available to wrongful termination victims.

Wrongful Termination Attorneys in California

If you need an attorney to make your employer pay, contact us today. Take advantage of our Free, No-Hassel, No-Obligation, Case Consultation. We also provide a No Win No Fee guarantee (if you do not win, you do not pay), which will give you the peace of mind to concentrate on finding a job with someone who will appreciate your services.

Bisnar Chase California Wrongful Termination Lawyers since 1978.

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Employment Law Attorneys

  • If you haven't received fair compensation or you believe your employer has violated wage and hour law by not allowing 30 minute lunch breaks and 10 minute paid breaks, contact an attorney today.

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