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Culver City Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

Bam! All of a sudden you have been impacted by a car or another motorcycle rider. You have no idea what to do as the world starts spinning uncontrollably around you. You feel the sharp sting of the asphalt grinding against your thighs and the weight of the motorcycle on top of them as you're whipped across the side of the street in a matter of seconds. What feels like an eternity is all over. Sirens surround you. You finally see a paramedic. The next thing you know you're being carried to the emergency room, unsure of what's going to happen next. The oxygen mask is put on while you're being prepped for restorative surgery and finally…black.

Unfortunately this scene is all too often the case in many motorcycle accidents. It's startling to think that one minute you can be in the midst of enjoying a beautiful motorcycle ride and then in the blink of an eye - it's over. What's even scarier is the impact that lifetime injuries can cause. Some motorcycle accidents can create severe injuries that no amount of recovery will be able to cure. Fortunately, there are solutions - you can contact a motorcycle injury attorney to figure out what the next step will be in your situation. Even better, contacting a skilled Culver City motorcycle accident attorney is the catalyst that can result in a more favorable outcome to your case.

Culver City sits close to the pulse of Los Angeles. Culver City is also home to major film studios.  It's a new year overflowing with new regulations, especially in view of motorcycle safety. California is exceptional in that we have a totally dissimilar set of regulations than the rest of the country. And they all apply to Culver City.

Among the new legislation elements that has gone into effect:

Motorcycle safety courses are now mandatory for under-21 permit applicants. This new law requires any person under the age of 21 to fully attend and finish a state approved motorcycle safety course. This must be finished and certified  before the person is issued a permit with which they can practice driving a cycle. It further requires the permit must be held for a full half year before the person can be issued a California class M motorcycle driver license. Currently thousands of riders who are 19 years and younger are permitted to drive a motorcycle in California.

There are new rules about the torrent of online traffic violator schools. Previous to this new law the DMV only approved "brick and mortar" traffic schools. This new law will bring court-approved courses, including as online and home study programs into the DMV Traffic Violator School licensing program and implements a number of preferences included in a DMV study of traffic violator school problems. This law will have a 3-year set up process.

In other news, groups from universities and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration are setting out to seek sites of motorcycle crashes nationwide featuring active police agency investigations. Academics want to compile the newest data. Each investigation plans to include a detailed assessment of the motorbike and its mechanism. Investigators plan to question the rider if he survived the crash, and study the various crash impact points. Interviews will be with riders who crashed and bikers who avoided collisions. Health reports are included and a lot more. Each mishap study will necessitate a total of 300 incidents and is predicted to take until the year 2013 to finish.

Other tests in progress include studying whether safety training in fact saves lives, or whether just gaining ability through application plays a more considerable role in avoiding incidents. Researchers are also investigating directions bikers glance as they ride, and if visual scanning abilities can be sharpened.

A study group is looking at dissimilar selections of riders such as cruisers, sport bikers, touring drivers and others to decide if any particular group possess extra risk of incidents. Lastly, study by the MSF will use digital video and data devices to verify rider actions in an effort to see what riders do to evade crashes and what they do incorrectly when they smash up. It's a new year filled with new laws, especially in regards to motorcycle safety. California is unique in that this state has a completely different set of rules than the rest of the country.

New California Laws to be aware of

Remember, there are new traffic laws that will affect you. Text directly from the State of California Site.

  • Organ Donation (SB 1395/Alquist) Starting July 1, the language on the DMV's application offers the driver license applicant the option to register as a prospective organ donor in the organ donor program or to defer that decision to a later time. This change will now include in the organ donor registration field of the application check boxes indicating (A) Yes, add my name to the donor registry or (B) I do not wish to register at this time, thus ensuring that the applicant’s failure to check the box is not simply an oversight.
  • Local Traffic Ordinances (SB 949/Oropeza) On July 1, in an effort of ensuring that traffic convictions are recorded by the Department of Motor Vehicles, local authorities may not enact or enforce a local ordinance on any matter covered by the California Vehicle Code.
  • Driving Under the Influence (AB 1601/Hill) Effective in January 1, 2012, this bill authorizes a court to order a 10-year revocation of the driver license of a person convicted of a third or subsequent DUI violation, with possible reinstatement after five years if specified conditions are met.

Had an accident with your motorcycle? If you have incurred a motorcycle injury, then contacting an expert Culver City motorcycle accident attorney is a powerful decision that can determine the course of your case.

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