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Costa Mesa Personal Injury Lawyers

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Costa Mesa locals have it made; close proximity to the beach, relatively low living expenses, and the best weather available. What few people are aware of is the area's potential for danger, and the number of accidents that occur on a yearly basis.

Costa Mesa personal injury lawyers witness several locals and tourists fall victim to a wide variety of personal injuries sustained as a result of someone else's negligence. After suffering serious injuries, Costa Mesa accident victims struggle to receive dependable information and assistance to obtain the highest possible compensation for their injuries. As a result, permanent and irreparable mistakes are made which result in a lower standard of living and an absence of justice.

Costa Mesa is a city known for its proximity to the Pacific Ocean and popular extreme sports. However, the city is also known for high traffic and any Costa Mesa personal injury lawyer will tell you that this is a recipe for a number of auto, bicycle and pedestrian accidents.

Costa Mesa Personal Injuries Leave Victims Struggling

According to the California Highway Patrol, at least 11 people were killed in Costa Mesa car accidents in 2007 while another 855 people sustained personal injury accidents ranging from scrapes to more serious brain and spinal trauma.

In fact, Costa Mesa is also the city where the largest personal injury claim was filed and won in Orange County, California. In 2007 a judge awarded an 11-year-old girl about $54 million in damages, physical and emotional injuries and medical costs for spinal injuries sustained in a car accident that left her a quadriplegic at age four.

Costa Mesa officials however are aware of the situation and have been active in looking for ways to cut down the number of accident injuries in the city. One of their methods though--the use of red-light cameras -- has been widely debated.

Red-light cameras at Costa Mesa's busiest intersections were implemented in 2003 and so far, have had mixed results. A study showed that while broadside collisions were down 30 percent in 2008 from 2003, rear-end collisions increased by 20%. Police attributed the rise in rear-end collisions to drivers abruptly breaking at intersections in anticipation of the red-light camera and consequently getting rammed by the motorists behind them. The most common personal injuries arising from rear-end collisions include neck and back injuries, whiplash and soft-tissue injuries.

Big Bangs: Costa Mesa Fireworks Invites Accidents and Injuries

Car accidents are not the only things that officials and residents have to worry about. Many personal injuries have also arisen from the fact that Costa Mesa is one of the few cities in Orange County where fireworks are legal. Every Fourth of July, police and fire officials increase their vigilance against injuries and property damage from fireworks.

Like the city's red-light camera program, debate surrounds Costa Mesa's policy on fireworks as many residents have called for a total ban on their use and sales. While the city only permits fireworks that have been labeled "safe and sane" and prohibits them in public parks, some residents have been reported to purchase more powerful explosives such as Roman candles, mortars, and bottle rockets or improvise their own devices, causing police and fire officials to deal with several accident injuries such as burns and mangled fingers every year.

In 2007, authorities said they received more than 400 fireworks-related calls on July 4 alone and a council official once described the city as a "war zone" during the holiday. In July 2004 meantime, a person received personal injuries when someone threw an illegal firework toward a group of people and another was injured when he picked up an improvised firework hidden in a bottle. In the same year, hundreds of pounds of illegal fireworks were also confiscated. In 2008, records showed that Costa Mesa posted $62,000 worth of property loss due to fireworks--the highest among more than 30 cities in county.

Unsafe Food, Hazardous Materials Have Potential For Personal Injury

Aside from car accidents and firework injuries, Costa Mesa also has its share of personal injuries and sicknesses from unsafe food and hazardous materials. In September 2009, the Orange County Health Care Agency found major health code violations at a Costa Mesa school district. They found that many elementary schools failed to keep cooked food at appropriate temperatures which can lead to food poisoning and other sicknesses. In 2008, an elementary school cafeteria in Costa Mesa was also shut down after inspectors found rat droppings in the food preparation area.

A study also showed that due to its diverse industries, the city generates a number of hazardous materials including non-chlorinated solvents, hydraulic fluid, used oil filters, lead, and photographic chemicals, among others.

Costa Mesa Personal Injury Lawyers Have Wide Range of Expertise

If you have suffered personal injuries in Costa Mesa due to car accidents, fireworks, spoiled food, hazardous materials or anything else, it is to your advantage to consult a Costa Mesa personal injury law firm.

Your accident attorney will explain the legal issues of your personal injury case and fight for any damages to which you may be entitled. While there are many personal injury and accident lawyers claiming to have your best interests at heart, it is helpful to keep in mind that the best law firms will always offer a free consultation on your case.

Law firms with strong records of successfully handling personal injury lawsuits meantime may also offer a no-fee guarantee meaning that you don't have to pay them unless they win your case.

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